Thursday, 24 March 2016

Happy BunnyDay

it's been 3 months, tut tut tut!
but here I am - just in time to celebrate Happy Bunny Day!
(that's an official world celebration day isn't it?!)

what can I say?
I've been away, working, and busy busy busy. But not too busy that I can't stop and say hi to new pals ~handsome wee deers~ 
from colder climes

and we got on so well that he came home with me!

just in time to celebrate Easter Bunny Day (and any other celebration that happened to be on the cards)

so, let's get this party started! 
here's some offsrpings singing a neat toon, with a fun optimistic partaaay boy to bring a smile to you ;)

when I was away I picked up these adorable baskets to fill with chocolate and other essentials

but I came across a box of little white chicklets with orange polka dot scarves and, oh well, there you go - they were too cute to share their baskets with any other type of sweeties

I had originally planned on keeping the bunny basket for me, but when my mama saw it she squeeled in delight! and well, that was that...
I'm stuck with the sheepy
should've got two bunnys :/

tiny handsome reindeer approves the baskets I had bought and a photo of him from when he was up on the hills last summer

breathtaking eh? 
reindeer do that to me
(surely I'm not the only one?!)

so my collection of all things adorable and edible were ready to go places to celebrate with me

- up to my mama's that was! the party was being held at her's, as it is, traditionally, every year

and as tradition goes, it is held a week or two, or three before the actual real? one
not sure why that is, just like to celebrate celebrations when I feel like it, so I phoned her 2 days ago and gave 1 days notice...

anyway, before all that happened, as I mentioned I had been away
spending some time up North
(up North is what everyone down South calls the North part of Scotland!)

I'd been away working with the Army, having fun, and sleeping in my 'doss' bag on a plastic lined mattress on a squeaky squeaky bed! 
aaah it was heaven!
when you are happy, and in heaven - the stars are always shining over you

I had some time out and made it along to one of my favourite places! The Reindeer Centre!
(love the white deer running down the steps eh!)
I didn't have enough time to go up the hills for a trek to pat the reindeer, as it usually takes a couple hours so I did the next best thing - I went into their wee shop and ...

a hundred little even-toed ungulates raced over to me!

and 30minutes later I came out with a bag of goodies, plus one handsome boy!

next to the Reindeer centre is an information centre and cafe with a huge granite memorial to celebrate the Norwegian commando soldiers of Kompani Linge, 57 of whom gave their lives during WWII 

many Norwegians came here to train and then returned to Norway in daring Commando raids!

I paid my silent respects to them. 
Every day when I see old fogies out and about I always wonder what part they had in the war. Grand or small, they all played their part. The whole country came together.
My gran worked in an office issuing documents I think and my granpapa was in the Admiralty doing sercet stuffs! He didn't speak a word of his work to anyone, not even my gran. That is loyalty.
It is an honour to serve my country and an honour to be a member of the Armed Forces with such an rich history of bravery and heart. 

Saw this picture up on the wall where I was staying. 

Oh gosh! he took my breath away, I just had to have a photo of him.

..maybe one day we will bump into each other? ..out in a field? ..up a snowy mountain? ..crossing a river in spate? ..travelling in convoy?

every day after work I relaxed with a bottle of sugar sweet coke and an empire biscuit! yyuuummeeee :)
(I never ate the bunny - he was for one of my mates as a thankyou present!)

never had an empire biscuit before?
not here in Scotland at the moment? 
Empires are a traditional Scottish biscuit and my favourite ones are with the orange coloured and yellow coloured sugared jelly tot thingys in the centre. Has to be orange or yellow otherwise I won't eat it. Just sayin' like..
(though the purple one on my lap above went down a treat - it was my last one! I'm not so fussy when I can't be choosy!)

well, I found a recipe from Graham's - a Scottish dairy from up North :)
it's got lots of words and steps in it, my eyes started to glaze over! and I much prefer to just go and buy my empires but for those of you who like to get the kitchen counters in a mess and have stuff spread all over the place.. then here's a recipe for them

so, after work when I came back home I happened to come by this very smart disguise!
- would be hard to recognize me eh?
~ bunny girl ;)

and I was excited because a couple months ago I took this pic above of all these happy friends and one of them went into my mama's shopping basket, as an easter present for me!
and well, yesterday was THE day I was gonna be meeting him again

the table was laid..

with cakes and candles (yes it says Happy BUNNYday there! aha!)

see, I didn't lie ;)


(the candles were left unattended as I opened my presents and the letters sort of vanished onto the coffee table in a little lump of hot white gooey stickiness, heh heh)

(never leave a burning candle unattended even if your presents are uber super exciting and take all your attention away!)

this wasn't one of my bunnyday presents, but it was a present for me, from me, hahaha
I got this a wee while ago - it's my new mp3
cute eh?
came all the way from China, with FREE shipping!
cost $1.87, 
but unfortunately my Mac Mini doesn't recognize it, neither does my mum's pc, neither does my papa's laptop, so I can't upload my Metallica toons to it for my gym! *sigh*
so shall have to relent and buy some ipod shuffle thingy after all
if only Apple made mp3s that were cute
all the cutest stuff comes from China!

um, then again!
perhaps not?
not sure how this design above passed design-quality-control, but when I was up North and saw this in a shop I just had to take a picture!
it's so wrong on so many levels eh?!!
tut tut tut

(er well, it's a badly designed, fresh(or flesh!)-pink-coloured knob-bly tricycle handle)
(like I said - tut tut tut!)

and in another shop I happened on some beautiful lucky Japanese fishes
these ones are well-designed! hahaha

so beautiful eh?
love the fabrics and the simplicity of the design

which takes me to my next announcement!

on this Happy BUNNY day I would like to introduce into the world - little Army Bunny Bun!

all fluffy and tufty
and wearing her coat of woodland disguise

with shiny and baby proof safe eyes
oh lol, what can I say?

sorry - she's not for sale!

this wee mite is off to be a companion to a tiny little human bundle, so the chances of a baby chewing on her eyes could be a possibility, hence the buttons instead of the shiny eyes I normally use

and great news - my very first litter of MTP drive safe baby Army hares!
these ones ARE for sale!

looking very dapper in their new MTP coats :)

MTP is multi terrain pattern, and these hares are made from a pair of unwanted Army issue trousers. Like all things in my etsy shop and the tiny hares I make, I love to upcycle all old/used/not needed materials to give them a second, or third! life

and I'm excited to say that I also have drive safe Army hares in Desert cams pattern too!
oh my! don't they look awfy becoming eh? if I don't say so myself, ah ha :)

love these wee ones!

so, the wee Army bunny bun and a couple of these drive safe hares are now off to a new home -for FREE- as a thank you to the soldier who kindly sent me his old unwanted cams!
If you've got some old kit that's seen service, and not needed any more then message me and you could have a couple of beautiful hares in return

that's a rather nice way to receive a bunny eh?

let's have some love toons eh?

it's been 5 years now since my princess Arabella was here

she came from a rabbit rescue centre after being an unwanted easter bunny


it's been 2 years since Wesley was here

my king of kings!

he came from a rabbit rescue centre as well, in Rugby in England, after being an unwanted easter present too

I'm so blessed to have had both of these precious little hearts in my home and my heart with me
Each treasure shared 7 years of their life with me

If you are looking to fill your heart and home with a wee real-life bun, then do visit a rabbit rescue centre. 
There are heaps out there. And many little treasures are waiting excitedly for a forever home to share love and happy days with you.

here's me yesterday
wearing some gold leaf in my hair
looking cute without my rabbit whiskers and ears, ha ha!??

I'm so blessed to have had Arabella and Wesley in my life
and some day I will bring another little bun, or two, from a rabbit rescue centre into my home and heart again 

but until then, I just keep doing what I love every day

right you finally finished?!
you can get me wrapped and packed and off to my new home and the little human I am going to be loving

oh gosh!!

yes thank you! and
I hope you have a great happy bunny day and easter when it comes, unless you are like me, and like to celebrate early and whenever you goddam feel like it!