Tuesday, 25 August 2015

dreaming - with my head in the clouds

nearly all of my thought-time is spent with my head in the clouds

~it's where I'm happiest~ dreaming

and where miracles occur

it's where future dreams are born

and past memories are relived (happy ones ofcourse :)

and now that I've settled into Army life and being a soldier again 
~yes, living my dream!~
I can start to focus on making my hares and squirrels again

just made a tiny guardian angel hare  for a customer (to order) and did the regulatory photo shoot with the hare in situ - 'up in the clouds'

it doesn't really matter where you are on earth - cause whenever you dream your head should always be up in the clouds

I decided to join real life last month and got myself my first ever smart phone

the inevitable deluge of selfies

for some strange and rather flattering reason I take a better smart-phone pic than with a normal 35mm
not sure how that transpired
but anyway, the results have been staying longer on my facebook page than any other pics ever have
rather looks like I am on cloud 9 ?

summer is here in Scotland and it is beautiful!
August is usually always the month for hot sunny days
the sun is at it's zenith, the clouds are soft, fluffy and fast moving

Edinburgh is such a beautiful and vibrant city!
August is the month of the Edinburgh Festival and all over the city there are visual surprises

this is Charlotte Square where the annual Book Festival is held
I took this the other night as I turned up rather late with my mama to go and peruse the kiddies books!
yeah, I totally love the fun of children's books!
um, the ones with the big pictures in them ofcourse 

but that section was closed (it was just on 9pm and I'd jsut come from my gym) so I had to browse thru the new release section instead - which is always a pleasure as I just love looking at beautiful book covers. Yes - I judge all books by their covers! I am that shallow
so I was very happy!
and very happy to see the purple horse, pink sunset and green trees

and just a couple weeks before as I was driving up Queen Street who should I pass but Zebra22!

standing guard at his doorway

letting in no-one unless they brought carrots and oatcubes

so ofcourse I had to pull in and take a pic! it's not every day you see a real life-sized zebra in the city now is it?
then again - it is Edinburgh after all!

things are going great in the visual department because that same week, on a sunny day, my number1 dream car - a '78 Trans Am drove past me on the coast road!!
yeah, I was in way past the clouds this time - I was up in heaven!!

the last time that gorgeous beast drove by me was over a year ago, on that very same road, on a sunny day!

I've loved these pontiac firebirds for years and one day I will be cruising about in my own one ~for sure!!
and with a Steve McQueen in the passengers seat! ;)

or actually make that a Josh Hartnett!
he's my dream of choice :)
- black hawk down style!

aaah! such a handsome boy! *sigh*

here's a nice tune, and some Black Hawk Down

(it was Black Hawk Down - but then that clip was deleted from youtube) (so now it's some US rangers)

I've got a nice selection of war movies, and I reckon it's time to watch this one again, it's been a while
and um, I've got a few Josh Hartnett movies too *double sigh*

anyway, talking about beautiful breath-taking cars, I've had a few drive-bys from maseratis! 
yeah, it's on my wish list too! (if you read my blog you already know this! haha)
one drove by me today infact! and in my favourite colour - black

it's always such a delight to see a beautiful car

and dreaming of my own one, and two, and three...

and earlier, when I mentioned jsut coming from the gym - well, another dream had come true - I got a 105kg deadlift!

it's been well over a year since I've done reps on deads over 90kg and yesterday I did a warm up set on 60kg for 6reps, then 80kg for 6 reps and I thought I'd try 90kg since 80kg felt fine.
So I managed to do 3 easy ones on 90kg! 
so then I put on 100kg and thought, why the hell not? it's been such a long time since I'd lifted it, and incredibly I got 2 easy reps! unreal!!
so I asked my mate to watch me, as I knew my form was not the best, my tush was a bit high so I tucked it down a tad, and I got another 2 easy reps!
goodness me! 
so I put on 110kg and managed to get the bar off the ground about 1inch, ha ha ha
and then after a rest I decided to put it down to 105kg and I got a nice one!
I was well chuffed!!

life sure gives you surprises!
delightful ones ofcourse :)

in the meantime I spend most of my time dreaming!
just being happy
doing stuff I love every day
and just dreaming

every day I dream of my darling, my heart of hearts - Wesley!
every day I think about that beautiful tiny little boy and my heart swells with love
every day I close my eyes and hold him close to me and relive our times together
oh how much do I love him still? to the ends of the Universe and back
he may have left earth but he's not left my heart

it's been nearly 2 years now since that wee mite left for the stars and became an angel
and still, every day, he is the only one I think about

some time, one day, in the future, I will bring another little rescue bun into my life and into my heart
some day

but in the meantime I'm just gonna keep on dreaming on...

(director/actor/dreamboat - Ben Affleck - this one's a dream too eh!)

...with my head in the clouds
and my heart full of love