Monday, 16 March 2015


I totally love war movies! and I've got a nice wee collection going. Saw this one not that long ago and I really loved it

I am Soldier with Tom Hughes in it. 
Um, he kinda makes the movie so divine. Funny how the lead actors in all the flicks I like just make me melt, ha ha!

and ofcourse it's a love story too! 
How could I watch a movie that's not a love story? 
Or a story I love?

It's about selection for the SAS and they have made a really good flick, especially if your SAS fodder consisted of Lewis Collins from Who Dares Wins and Andy McNab novels

Anyway, I'm not too fussed about all the specifics, I just love seeing soldiers enjoying themselves doing a job they love!

Here's the latest Army recruitment clip - 

pretty cool eh?
I'm always impressed by how the British Forces do their recruiting. The Army, the Marines,  they sure come up with some good footage and perfect compilations - always makes my heart miss a beat!
...but then again - don't take much to get me excited!

and besides, I gotta watch something exciting when I am mustering up baby Army drive safe hares!
these wee buns are off to the Royal Marines Commandos for their shop

I totally love what I do!
It's such a privilege to make things that other people appreciate
I put my whole heart into everything I do

here I am putting my whole heart into it and loving every single minute as a soldier in the Australian Regular Army
(green eyes = soldier, grey eyes = Airforce, blue eyes = Navy :  career choice sorted!)

- happy eh?! 
yeah I was living my dream, always wanted to be a soldier!

...and a few years later I'm proud to say that I am living my dream again!

yeah! true story - British Army now!

no matter what you are doing in life, down here on planet earth, just make sure that whatever it is, it makes you happy

cause life is all about being happy

that's what I've learnt! simple! - just be happy
(took me a while, and in a round-a-bout way, but I got there in the end)

KISS - Army jargon for Keep It Simple Stupid - follow that and you can't go wrong

- sometimes it takes a stray puppy to make you happy!
brilliant pic from Allison Baskerville of Ross Mills with Sharpie, his adopted doggy

next on my dream-come-true list is a rescue pup (will call him Troy) and 2 rescue buns (will call them Ven and Starbright)
and I'm excited about my GTR, my Maserati and my '78 Trans Am!

yeah, so that's LOVE + HAPPY
 = best moments ever

got a new pair of ace shorts the other week (that made me real happy!)
they sorta fell from the sky, up where the skygods live
wore them on my 1.5mile timed run on Saturday and came in at 12 minutes 10 seconds!
when I was in Australia I did my 5km (3mile..) run in 23 minutes, so 12.10 is no too bad eh?
I reckon a few more sprints sessions and a couple longer runs and my time will come down to under 12 for sure. 
(um, those legs above areny mine, haha, mine ain't seen the sun in god knows how long)

Anyway I'm excited about that! Improving my run time. Always wanting to better myself (just one of those things - a burning desire to improve)

and by the way, I did 63 push ups in 2 minutes the other week! 
(would've been 65 but 2 were 'disallowed' haha)
rather proud of that, but then I checked what special forces do, and it's easily 100 in 2mins, so I wanna get to that for sure!

told one of the boys in the gym, to see if he wanted to match me 1 for 1, but he declined then he said he reckons I could do it in 4 weeks time
...we shall see! (game on!)

anyway, the trade winds are blowing steadily, that slipstream from my run is getting stronger and a new mama is in the making

so - just remember ~ hold onto your dreams ~ even the ones that seem impossible
cause if I've learnt anything else in life apart from being happy, it's that being happy makes miracles happen!

shall I play the shorts one more time?.....

~ ~being happy makes miracles happen~ ~ 

thank you, with all my heart, to everyone who helped me :) 
xxxxxxx love love love love love