Thursday, 24 December 2015

Love always Actually

well I managed to get my ass into gear, and for the first time ever I have my tree up - with decorations! (yes, I've had my tree up before but never got around to actually decorating it) and I have my firtree candles on! yay!

it's jsut so beautiful!
I feel SO in love, sitting here just looking at the little flames flickering away!

and because this xmas day I will all alone by myself with no other beings around
...just sayin'
I shall put on some of my favourite movies!

ofcourse one of them HAS to be  Love Actually!

all I can remember is laughing non-stop thru it! I'm sure you've seen it too eh? 
It's THE xmas classic!

and since it's xmas, and everyone loves everyone - here's some beautiful, heartfelt love on display! 
naaaawww :)

such a romantic scene in the movie! I adored it! So much love!

alrighty, enough of toons like that :/ heh heh

lets's have some sexy Jamelia instead!  
really really LOVE this song! sexy superstar!

happy to say I made some little Drive Safe Hares
and two have already gone to their forever homes

these are in British DPMs
aren't they cutesy little honeys?

and here they are with their Australian counterparts made from my old Australian Army cams

as usual all these leverets come with imperfections - tatty rump anyone? 

or unkempt ears perhaps?

or loose threads here n there?

been making wee Guardian Angel Hares too!

wings vary, but all work ;)
blue cotton..

blue tinsel

gold and silver satin

and orangey gold satin

irrespective of the visual suitability of the flying apparatus, I am sure that these angels fly unfettered on a wing and a prayer

- if any of these wee beasties call to your heart, and you just have to have one, then send me an email at to buy one, or go to my etsy shop and purchase one there
I'm just happy to know that every hare I make goes to a loving home - and heart!

I've only given out 2 cards this year
heh heh
slack eh?!

and I have received um, a couple...
but so pleased that one of them is of Mr Mick! from Jade!
thank you so much Jade!! you know how much I love Mickey - even if he is an angel now :)
and I still have my calendar of him that you sent me a few years ago, hanging on my wall

what can I say?
yes - I am the type of girl who lets days fly by, months turn into years and time march on
sometimes it is far more important to just simply enjoy your now

I still have my big pile of hares that are not even born yet! okay, they don't actually get born, they jsut sort of turn up one day, all fully stuffed

em, that day wasn't today, haha

and not sure if this is any more shocking than the unfinished work pile - but it's all the hares I do have finished, finished over a year ago infact, and they are not yet in my shop day! 
(maybe in the new year...)

I am really happy to have my xmas tree up!
and I got some new lights for it - they are of Olaf, that wee happy snowman 

I've rather fallen in love with him

he jsut makes me smile all the time! 
how cute is he eh?

and last month I even bought an advent calendar with him on it
cost me £1 at the £ store

I actually forgot I had it until the 7th December when I discovered it in my cupboard, so I ate 5 days of chocolates at once, felt a bit sick then left it for a few days
and when I picked it up next I could hardly make out the wee numbers, and ate a couple of days out of order, then I noticed that day 25 was missing?! huh? what the hell is that all about? so I thought, oh hell - and I ended up eating all the rest of the chocolates, that was on day 17
ha ha
yeah, I do what I want, all the time!

Went to the cinema the other week, had a free ticket! yay, so treated myself to the little dragon movie 'The Good Dinosaur'
oh gosh, it was just so sweet!

the hero was the tiniest, littlest little adorable dino I have ever seen! - and omg! the scene of his hatching - aaw! my heart melted :)

just imagine if the meteorite missed earth, and then there would be little dinosaurs with wings living now! 
I want one of these ones!!!

anyway ...when I came out of the Mesozoic Era I was heading for the powder room and in my path was one of these, gulp!

yeah it was a darth vader white fighter soldier
oh goodness me!
I was a little embarassed to be around all that high profile media stuff going on at the moment, so I darted into the powder room
then I did have a fleeting thought that maybe I could've taken a picture, but the one marching past me was looking a little malnourished in the quads and delts department! 

later I googled them and they are referred to as Stormtroopers! ah ofcourse they are! hahahaa
but I ain't seen the StarWars yet, and can't remember the last time I did, so I came across this more improved version of them above - check out the sexy quads and look at the size of those delts! Impressive!!!

now if those kinda StormTroopers are in the movie - then I will promptly race along to see it :)
only joking, I will be going to see the movie soon...

so - it's Christmas!
time to relax, put your feet up, enjoy!

and share the love

and count your blessings for the year!

what can I say? I received the best present I could have ever ever asked for this year!
I'm a soldier - my dream came true in March! - and I am so happy

Thank you to the British Army!  ~ARMY  Be the Best~

~love actually is always all around me~

so no need for santa to bring me any presents this year - I already have mine thank you very much!

but, um, if santa looks like that boxer clad soldier above...
then for sure he is welcome to drop by
shall pour him a whisky
and give him a wee bite ;)

Thank You so much to all my wonderful customers this year, I appreciate you with all my heart - you make it possible for me to do something I love and make things I love and that makes me happy!
Thank you xxx

I hope you have a Happy Xmas and Happy New Year 

Thursday, 3 December 2015

winter's tales

same old, same old
I've been busy busy busy
and now, suddenly I see it's December! and still I have a basket full of un-made-up hares
tut tut

I have been away with work
but i did manage to bring some snow back with me

got some beautiful xmas cards for my family, and treated myself to another beautiful drinking vessel
(that gorgeous glass jar from Italy is now having a rest!) and the winter horses are bringing me tea every few hours

and like those horses above, I am out doing what I love in all weathers (after my back/biceps/ab session first though!)

- Tabbing! 

um, tonight in the pitch dark it was lashing down with ice-cold rain, which then turned to sleet and by the time I finished my tab with my mate, there was snow!
to say it was freezing was an understatement
my trousers were soaked thru, my legs were completely numb but my feet were still warm

and - I was Happy!

I love my training so very much!
free weights ~ tabbing ~ running
and I am so happy following my heart, doing what I love every day

every day my life is filled with Joy and Love
(such a beautiful poster! it's in Starbucks at Edinburgh airport)
I always do things that make me happy

and I have an exciting film to go see soon, with a real honey in it! Chris Hemsworth *sigh*

The Huntsman Winter's War 

looks like a good tale ?

talking about things that make me happy, and that I love - I was watching a clip online about the soldiers of 23 Parachute Engineer Regiment and had to take this screen pic

omg!! those eyes are mesmerizing!  *I fell in love right away*

so beautiful!
~he's the One~ 

and it will be nice if he brings along my favourite flowers
...just saying

(if he turns up in his MTP I will be even more pleased:)

and here's some more nice stuff to admire -real Scots this time - the soldiers from 2 Scots currently in Afghan on deployment, (unlike Chris who is an Aussie playing a Scot in that movie!)....
(oh okay, there are Aussies in that clip too! I'm an Aussie as well, so fair play mate;)

Doing It BetterThe Jocks and Aussies at Camp Qargha, Afghanistan showing you how it's done. Please LIKE and SHARE if you think we DO IT BETTER!
Posted by 2 SCOTS - The Royal Highland Fusiliers on Sunday, November 15, 2015

the other week I went to a night-show light-show with my papa and his bestie, at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh
to see more of my favourite flowers
um, the fir trees were doing well
it was so freezing cold! there was snow in the air, but unlike tonight it didn't fall
thank goodness! though, me being me and a typical Scot, I had forgotten my gloves and hat and was dressed for a late summer's day

in between shivering I took some snaps
some displays were small and beautiful

this was a water fountain with fire flames at the same time
papa and I were wondering about the mechanics of it all, and the fuels involved, no oily residues were visible on the tiny loch so it must've been a fast evaporating flammable liquid...

(I would've liked a bigger fire to warm me up!)

and some of the light displays were very grand

a little while later I saw another light show

I visited the kelpies at night - em, well it was about 4pm, and you can just see the snow covered mountains in the background as the dusk set in

it's the first time I've seen these horses lit up, and they were very impressive
here they are dancing
oh okay, it was freezing cold - so it may have been my hands shaking instead!

and like all things illuminated, they changed colour as their mood dictated

erm, what's with the eery green eye? looks like it's rising from the sea

a little while before all that light show stuff, I was touching down down South

yeah - this is the plane's wheel on the landing strip
pretty neat pic eh
I am sure I had my phone set on the right settings to be able to take that pic safely (for the pilot and touch-down), but it's still a conundrum to me and every day I learn more about this mysterious little piece of communication equipment

I was away working, in the South of England, and goodness me - it was at least 10degrees warmer than in Scotland! 14degree days - T shirt weather!
it truly is a different world down there
and after 2 weeks I was actually really missing the Scottish accents, though I did talk to one boy from Glasgow and I smiled non-stop as I listened to his beautiful lilt!

it was nice to fly home though 
I've been getting some nice pics with my wee smart phone
and took this sunrise one last week as I was driving my papa to the airport
(he was off to colder fields! (Norway to be precise))
so it was good to see the Scottish morning giving some visual warmth at least

anyway, back to those beautiful eyes!
...if they have this attached to them - then definitely, for sure, absolutely, without a smidgen of a doubt - 

~he is the One~

(well, the one for just now that is... now doesn't have to be forever;)

and as long as I am happy and doing what I love then I am sure that....

...and if one of these wee babies comes my way,
then - oh my god!!

it will be xmas every single day!!

on December 24th it will be exactly 2years since my little soulmate Wesley left for the stars
- last night I dreamt about him -
and every day with a heart filled with love I think about him, and yes - he fills me with Joy and Love and Happiness

anyway, back to reality! I have hares ready to journey across the big pond, and more heading to snow laden pastures!
plus a basket full of leverets that need stuffing and homes to go
(maybe, just maybe, they will make it in time for xmas? but I'm not holding my breath!)

happy xmas!
and a late Happy Thanksgiving to all my wonderful American friends! 

Thank You so very much! 

I appreciate you with all my heart 
lots of love xxxxx

Sunday, 18 October 2015

~fall~ in love

it's just breathtaking how beautiful Scotland is in fall (autumn to those of us East side of the Atlantic:)

~ every day is like falling in love ~

the leaves softly tumble down on me

like huge golden snowflakes

and just now, freshly fallen, they grace my path in an array of warm jewel tones

today when i was studying their beauty (yeah I do that often! haha) I saw a heart shaped stone amongst them
how lucky was that?
and what a perfectly beautiful heart shape it is 

I've been super busy with my life and lots of things have been happening 
the Army has been recruiting
and I eagerly collected a few autumn coloured offerings from a stand

how could I not resist?? it's the skygods from the Parachute Regiment! looking so splendid in golds and reds and sunburst oranges
(yeah, the Royal Marines weren't there, otherwise I would've come home with an armful of their brochures too!)

yeah I've been busy, out and about, training, working, and ofcourse -

- with my latest brand new 'cup' of tea and tasty pink n white 
(yeah, seriously - that big wafer biscuit is called a Pink n White! who knew?!)

really enjoying drinking tea from my unusual new vessel! haha

tea tastes great from it! so LOVE my cups of tea! ...and cakes on the side ofcourse

and love that new love sign as well
got that from some service station on the way to England a little while ago

Loved you yesterday, Love you still, always have and always will

my new tea vessel came all the way from across the Alps!
Ryan-air flew me safely over them last month 

I was lucky enough to take part in an exercise with the military in Italy!

and early one morning up in the Dolomite mountains I was joined by Gina for breakfast!
here she is as she made her way tentatively to me
I shared a few slices of sweet Italian bread with her from my Italian rat-pack (rations pack) 

...yeah, she had her name on her ear tag!

and these are my new Italian paratrooper friends!

I would say that I was in heaven but it was actually in Rovereto!

after our exercise we had our prize giving ceremony there at the Centre for Peace with the enormous Bell of the Fallen
it was truly an honour to be there!

Northern Italy is spectacular!
we stayed here, amongst pines and sunshine and bliss, high high high up in the Dolomites

then on the last day we came back down to earth, and I had brekky in a small cafe in Bologna
yeah I'm eating a chocolate croissant for breakfast! 
(never got one of those in my rat-pack:/)

and I fell in love with that beautiful glass jar that my tea came in,
I actually asked the friendly cafe-tender if I could have my tea in it, as I spotted it high up on a back shelf -calling to me- and he looked at me with a smile and said si!
...then after I finished I asked him if he sold them? because I loved it so much and wanted to buy one, but he said no, alas it was not for sale, but for me - it would be a present!!! and he handed it to me with a big smile :)  oh wow!!!

I was SO happy! haha!
I swear every cup of tea is the tastiest one ever!

so like I said I've been busy, working away
and guess what I came across in my work travels? 
- remember the 2 maquettes that I wrote about not long ago? well yes, they had disappeared from the West End of Edinburgh and then the other week I happened to glance into a courtyard on the South side and there they were! omg!!!

and looking as majestic as ever! completely at home and enjoying their new real estate

so I took some snaps and spent a few smiles in appreciation :)

and then (since we were working, my brand-new-mate and I) we walked on, and just round the corner was the National Museum of Scotland
where my excellent eyesight picked out tiny shapes of small bronze jousting stags in a display case, inside, behind smoky glass, in their retail shop! 
so ofcourse - I had to race in to inspect them in detail!! oh yes!

and the inevitable happened!

I spotted a beautiful hare amidst the melee, and a day later and another visit to the museum it happily came home with me
(sorry brand-new-mate, didn't mean to drag you thru that bronze-animal-filled-meadow again! but I jsut had to have that hare :)  and me n hares, well, it's a love affair!

and since I'm such a nice girl at heart, and I had such a great week with my new pal who had flown into Edinburgh for that week only, and he very patiently put up with my small never-ending demanding demands over 3 days(!)

~ I've put a few things on here that he will be very pleased to stop and admire ~

a treasure resting amongst the shadows...

with a full moon behind her...

and autumn leaves adoring her heavenly chest

a golden honeyed treat, with a smile, and daisies falling from her neck

just waiting to be loved and admired
(and em, 
perhaps dried? 
or soaped up? 
depending whether she is just going in, or coming out of the shower ;)

and cause you can't stop love, here's her and 50 getting drunk

*sigh* isn't 50 such a dream?! and that's a pretty neat toon too! just something about it


I've been working away - in the gym too -ofcourse-!
wearing my latest fav sweat with angel wings on the front that I got from my mate
- it comes from Dohertys Gym in Melbourne Australia, and down the sleeves it has 
Train or Die
Muscles are Sexy
um, I'm not gonna argue!

I think I kinda suit black?

and since my mate got his Rihanna piece of extraordinary...

here's my piece of beautiful! Josh Hartnett ofcourse 

just thinking about him makes me ~fly~

the other day I was flying, um I mean driving home along the coast road and I stopped to enjoy the beautiful view

truly autumn is just breathtaking!

just to the right of this road is a quiet sunlit meadow and as I was taking pics I happened to glance over and saw a deer quietly walking across it, with her nose down to the grasses!
oh, really?! 
I've never seen a deer walk like that before, like a dog sniffing the ground, goodness! 
it was funny!

..though I wasn't the only one laughing, I promise!
I heard these 3 laugh too :)

so here's some 50 again, cruisin' with a nice easy toon to listen to

yeah - I travel around with a bunch of inanimate objects on my dash!
...that is, just until a little rescue puppy and rescue bunny comes into my life

real ones ofcourse! 

~ for me to fall in love with ~

thank you!
have a beautiful fall! xxx