Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Happy ....just because it's..? Ho Ho No!



sure you are!

and how can I not be happy when I have this torn off piece of last year's xmas card stuck on my wall, reminding me to be happy every day?

and when I can stop by my fav facebook page every day for a few laugh-out-louds with my newest happyness-inducer - Grumpy Cat!

omg! surely you have heard of Grumpy Cat eh?? 

er, you actually mean Yes don't you?

Grumpy is that breath of fresh air that just makes your day go smoother!

I always make sure to look at things every day that make me smile, like my hare and that old calendar bun above 

- and things that make me laugh! 

laugh out loud!

every year for the past god-knows-how-many years I have bought myself some xmas hare ornaments
but this year was the first time I haven't

time sorta ran away

I did get some nice cones on some ribbons, a sort of door decoration thingy that is hanging on my wall!
and I did get some shiny pretty baubles that are like metallic cones, love them! 
so I suppose they will suffice

there's no snow here yet

it's actually rather mild this week

so indeed I will be dashing thru the 'no' hahaha

let's have some Happy xmas cheer Army style...

yeah, I've already posted this clip on my blog a while ago but I love it so much!
always makes me smile
always makes me happy

and em, isn't that first guy totally totally gorgeous! 
what a smooth smooth moover he is!!!

okay back on track
too much xmas cheer??
just listen to Grumpy eh :)

well, no matter how far I try to plan things ahead
I never seem to quite make it

I suppose that is the er, rebel? in me?
the non-conformist?
the i-do-things-my-own-way ?
(could just be that I am totally dis-un-organised? but I don't wanna own up to that title!)

and a few hares that were meant to go into my shop never quite made it
-they are residing beside me as I write this post-

hmmm, maybe I need a consoling hug?

er on seconds thoughts, perhaps not!

anyway these wee chaps will make their way there some time

Grumpy loves them!
(he's just got a really dry sense of humour?)
(sometimes I take things too literal?)

so pretty eh
perhaps I could keep some of my own ornament hares for my special hare xmas decorations then??
now, that's an idea! hmmm

omg! too funny eh!?

all these pics are off Grumpy Cat's facebook page
and since Grumpy's favourite word is No, I am sure he doesn't mind appearing on my blog?
eh Grumpy?
hahaha! course not :)

okay, Grumpy is taking a rest
the happiness factor in my home is too high for him to be hanging around here too long
he might actually start being a nice kitty

got a couple little lace pattern hares too
for those who like their xmases the colour purple...

purdy eh?

and just gonna rub it in one more time

~Happy~   ......just because it's...?!


ha ha ha

okey dokey, time's up!

hope you've been good this year an have yourself a merry little.......