Sunday, 12 October 2014

are we expecting...?


I count 3 

2 small
1 bigger

little Drive Safe Baby Army Squirrel couldn't see any nuts in the dishes 
infact he couldn't see anything in the dishes!

so he wasn't interested


and hopped up into my hand incase I had some nuts there

but nope, sorry wee chap, I didn't


so off he went - he had a car to live in...

meanwhile I had some supplies delivered from the local bakery in Norway

hvetemel Polarbrod

mmm yummeeee! this is my kind of toast!

um, there is no reindeer in it - I can assure you! I only eat non-animals ;)
(must be reindeer approved then?)

and it's SO tasty!

I never! - repeat - never! have visitors for breakfast
some things are too good to share

Everest and her husband SnowFall rather liked the aroma coming from the toaster and approached the kitchen warily to investigate

little pink tongues hanging out, drooling...

but then remembered the 3 empty dishes and raced back there to see if they had been filled with treats instead

...Thumper said that the smell from the kitchen was much more tempting
and was tempted to weave between my legs
lest I should be holding one of those tasty things, and stumble, and drop it

well, I said to them,
that if they are patient and..

...but none of them were having none of that

where ever it was coming from, or going to, was in the offing -

and they advised each other to be on the lookout for interlopers

and meanwhile, the guardian of this small galaxy stood his watch over the 3 empty-but-soon-to-be-filled bowls

and em, I tucked into breakfast all by myself, uninterrupted

aaah! babies! what could be better??

                       .... um.....               -  *Fur-Babies* !!  

                                                                           yeah!   :)

here's Expecting - the 50 cent way this space..