Thursday, 7 August 2014

Sunny days

early one evening, just over a year ago.....

...every day became a sunny day for me

some things in life you just do not forget

smiles are one of them ;)

there's something ultra cool about a sea-boy eh? 
at one with the ocean, above the waves, on them, under them

I was down at the beach with my ma the other week and we saw 4 of those dudes kite boarding! it was a windy stormy big wave day and they were having a great time. They looked like neptunes holding onto those 'tridents'!

One of them was jump-kiting pretty good - I'd never seen anything like it before...

I even traipsed across the wet clingy sand in the pelting rain to go ask the most handsomest one what they were doing and what it was called, and he said in his thick Canadian accent 'kite-boarding'
'oh' I blinked, 
never having thought it could be called that.., then later that night I decided to search 'Sunny I love you - rap mix' and em, that's when I came across that easy going sea-boy above
gawd! I must be the only person on the planet who did not know what they were doing
(what's that? you'd never heard of it either? that makes 2 of us then:)

like your sunny mix a bit more upbeat?

pretty cool eh? 
I'm liking their take on Sunny
and it's not only a good toon but what a surprise I got when I saw the nice set of wheels in there!

yeah, that's right - my most fav car ever - a '78 trans am! 

I LOVE trans ams!!! (Pontiac Firebird '78 Trans America...)
it's been the car of my dreams, ever since I was tiny, just something about it...

6.6 litre, V8, old style American muscle car, big mags, sleek, sexy, powerful, strong...
this is the stuff my dreams are made of!

and ofcourse I've gotta have a drive safe baby Army hare Rear View Mirror Charm in it - no cool whip is complete without one of my hares in it now!

( tough boys + hot wheels = ain't got nuffin to prove to no-one
a gentle little lagomorph x the perfect companion = sorted! )

Trans Ams - just so beautiful!
- this one above is on my wish list

can't wait to buy one!
(or be given one - I will happily take something for nothing, I am not above unrequited generosity, em, will a thank you be enough?)

a couple months ago one passed me on the coast road here! 
(yeah, if you follow my blog you already know that eh? and if you're my real-world pal then I've already talked your ear off about that too eh?)

~the sun sure was shining brightly that day~

also on my wish list is a 2013 matte black MC Stradale Maserati GranTurismo 

last week I was so lucky to have not one, but two Maseratis fly past me!
eh, drive past me, I mean
yup two in one day (on that very same coast road)
that was a good good day
one red, one blue
and the week before (yeah, I'm counting!) I parked next to a shiny black one
(check out the trident on the grill!)

~life is good~ 
please enjoy it while you can

and also on my wish list
is this gorgeous 2014 Nissan GTR 

breathtakingly beautiful, I will have mine in black thank you!

and you've guessed it - yes, last week I also had an encounter with a GTR!

me and cars - we just seem to meet up

only it was in a gun metal grey, not black
but just as beautiful

and I admired it appreciatively
and gave him a thumbs up, 
and he gave me a smile and some friendly chat back (that was nice, he told me his dream came true!) before roaring off

anyway, depending on how the trade winds blow, I also have my eye on this cutie
a 2005 Hyundai coupe
it will do me just nicely until my Trans Am, Maserati and GTR roll up

Yup, I'm planning on having 4 cars, and I could use an old landy too and maybe even some other shiny new off roader, and maybe even a bike as well. I like GSXRs 

anyway, lets not get too distracted by all the petrol fumes!

I had the draw for the baby Army drive safe hare a couple weeks ago
there were a few entries, so that was nice
at first it was only my mama and papa who had entered - I had to leave a comment on my blog for them, as they were unable to fathom the intricacies of how blogger comments work. My papa tried 3 times over the course of as many days! And my mama tried a couple times too and even though she can speak more languages than I have fingers, she was unable to decipher blogspot's linguistic finesse and so her comment never made it to the post's page. hmmm
I must say, comment leaving on blogspot is pretty Fort Knox! I had no idea! tut tut
but then I got a couple more entries, email, twitter, so that was good and my mama and papa gracefully pulled out though I had donated to the Commandos on their behalfs and said that they didn't need to try to win a hare, I could just rustle one up instead (being family and all that...)

so, anyway! whew! after all that, the wee hare wanted to do the drawing herself

she saw the sea and waves and foam and heard all the whirring as she watched the soldiers kite-boarding and wanted a shot too
I told her they were rappelling
so, like she said, she wanted a shot too...

she flew down the rope
nose first
nearly missing a Commando! (that was lucky!)

and found the lucky winner

the soldiers raced over to give her a paw, er hand to unfold the winner

but she said she was fine, she had everything under control
then screamed out in pain!
as one of the Marines stepped on her paw
tsk tsk*
that's what you get for rappelling onto a sandy beach - sand grains in the eye (so he told her)

so he made it up to her and let her have his seat in the chopper for the ride back (he tabbed back)
and a couple days later the little hare was in her new home, er wheels!

thank you to everyone who entered!
much appreciated!

so a quick recap -

your whip + Army Hare, Baby, Drive Safely = a smile

a smile = sunny day x 365

and let's have more of those sunny days again - old school this time -

thank you for your smiles 



  1. Love that Sunny song. Can totally see you driving that car!! There was a convention of those cars here in my town in June. It was so cool You would have loved it!
    Hugs to you girlfriend.:)

    1. really!! omg! I am coming over next June haha :)

  2. Hi There, Lovely to see you creating beautiful things as always, apleasure to visit sorry I left it so long Linda :)

    1. thank you LInda, nice to see you stop by :) I will be having more give aways in the future


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