Wednesday, 19 March 2014

~ unconditional love ~

those who love you unconditionally

love you with all their heart

and trust in you implicitly

~ that was the level of love I received and shared with Wesley and Arabella ~ 
unconditional love, the highest level of love there is

a love that asks for nothing in return

and when you have tasted love that strong and bright and breath-taking and fulfilling, it is hard to let it go
hard to forget
hard to relinquish

and being the savourer of love so pure,

and with no tiny patter of furred feetys running around me,

I sighed a deep sigh when I saw these two adorable little rabbit pendants in Donna's etsy shop Lavender Rabbit 
and immediately I could feel Wesley and Arabella in them

and so, an Atlantic crossing and couple weeks later a collection of prettily wrapped gift boxes arrived in the mail accompanied by 2 resolute long eared guardians

ofcourse, since I was indulging in myself I thought it prudent to add a couple more purchases to my shopping cart and surprise my nieces and one of my beautiful pals with something nice too 

and there they were - a collection of pretty gift boxes strewn across my woodland carpet

and this morning, 
in the early spring sun, 
I reached for a box... 
no particular box....
and lifted the lid off

to reveal...

a tiny shiny glass pendant of my most precious little heart - Wesley

made with the very photo of Wesley the first time I saw him - and had fallen in love with him, all the way down at the RNGP Welfare rabbit rescue in Rugby, England

I shed a few tears, it was rather hard to see him clearly amongst all the spring 'rain'

such a beautiful unexpected surprise! such a beautiful heartfelt gift! thank you so much Donna! thank you so much!

and I dried my lashes, then I welcomed the two tiny stars

they were about to race off across the grass

so I scooped them up first to admire and appreciate them

so small, so adorable, so tender and touching!

then I placed them down again and 
off they went
to pay their respects

to Arabella

soft, gentle, beautiful, elegant

and to Wesley

strong, tender, deep, heartfelt

rabbits fill me with love

they always have done, ever since I remember getting a little porcelain one all wrapped up at a xmas party, many years ago, aged 6 and three quarters

and they fill my soul with love 
and heart and joy and happiness

they fill me with the very essence that 'unconditional' is

~ love in it's purest form ~
shining brightly 

thank you again Donna, just so perfect, just so beautiful!


  1. Donna is the bestest at coming up with such special stuff. I treasure the Mick jewelry she has made for me, both things I have requested and surprises I have not.
    Thinking lots of good thoughts for you, and sweet Arabella and Wesley as well.

    1. thank you Jade! I saw your beautiful gift from Donna too!
      love to the King :) xxx

  2. What a lovely way to remember Wesley. I am thinking of you, the lovely Arabella and the handsome Wesley. Much love to you, my friend.

    1. thank you Christina! hope your warren of little hearts is doing well, much love to everyone and to you too <3 xxx :)

  3. How wonderful! Tears streaming down my cheeks....


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