Monday, 24 February 2014

drive safe with baby British Army hare

well, some really exciting news!

here is my first litter of leverets ~ born in British Army dpm cams!

and a few of them are now in the mail on their way to their forever homes!

em, I mean forever vehicles!

because they are 'drive safe' hares after all 
(opinionated little back seat drivers that dangle from your rear-view-mirror, keeping you right on the roads)
(these ones have a Scottish accent ofcourse :)

I think they are really, really very pretty!
the cams are ever so flattering eh?

and aren't they all so adorable standing to attention on parade? 
ingrained discipline because they came from real service cams that have seen time

and like the stray dogs that they help to raise funds for thru the charity Nowzad,
these little beasties also have scars and nicks and many imperfections

ofcourse that doesn't bother any of them in the slightest

they are just happy to find a loving home and a loving heart

with someone who will accept them exactly as they are
without requiring any changes
or imposing any conditions on them

okay, let's be serious here -
if this tiny lagomorph could breathe and eat 
then in reality 
you would find your curtains shredded to bits (as far up as their hind legs will let them stretch ~ and yes, my curtains are still in tatters from Wesley and Arabella), 
you would find your telephone cable snipped in two (yes, it will happen every single time you leave even 5mm of it exposed), 
your carpets will be 'dug' into and torn up... (yes, sigh, such is the lagomorph burrower), 
you would have your digestives stolen off your side plate in a nick and 
your shoelaces will be nibbled to bits, even the parts between the eyelets.. (yes, true, I have had to replace so many laces I considered wearing slip-ons (uh okay, just joking there..) )

so maybe you have room in your life for a non-breathing, non-eating leveret perhaps?

though non-eating and non-breathing does not mean non-alive,
cause seriously - get a look at that sparkly little blue eye, so full of personality and resolve and determination and...

and for every hare sold I donate approx 25% to Nowzad, around £4 / $6

to help homeless stray little fluffy things like those above

~ yeah ~ puppies!!

and for those stray puppies that have outgrown their fluffyness
but are still adorable none the less
my donations still help the stray dogs that the soldiers take in and 'adopt'
and the strays that 'adopt' themselves to a soldier, because that happens often too

and sometimes the soldiers take in those cute little bundles of pocket-sized fluffyness when they are out on patrol

it's a win-win situation 

and Nowzad reunite the strays, who have been adopted by the soldiers whilst on deployment, thru official means

and you have beautiful, loving outcomes for all involved

glad to be helping!

uh -oh! dissention in the ranks.....

Monday, 17 February 2014

Holy Shit! did someone say Fun Deficient?

okay - time for some lols bat-style...

ha ha, so funny eh? came across this on fb the other day (not sure whom to credit?)

though I was never a batman fan myself (his sidekick put me off, I'm not into crowds)

I much preferred catwoman, but not just any catwoman

it had to be Halle Berrys catwoman -

and I must say, she looked really, really good in her whiskers and tail

and the way she portrayed the dichotomy of the character was just perfect
~ going from the soft, wishy-washy, shy artist
~the uber-confident, fearless, slightly-distracted-at-times feline (just like all cats)

it really was a great study in character and I loved how she played it, and such a sexy feline! plus it was so funny!

Fun Efficient! 

~love this scene!

...the cat inside the woman 
so playful!

and the woman falling for the man... *sigh*
ofcourse he is already smitten with her
that's what happens when you have fun all the time, you exude an inner sparkle
(mmm, isn't Benjamin Bratt a honey!)

okay! let's have some more cat and man, er, cat and mouse games...

ha ha, so fun! cats come when they feel like it :)

alrighty then, another pic of that beautiful Fun Efficient cat 

really loving all the leather and straps!

infatc I haven't watched Catwoman for a while, may have to put it on soon!

it's always the right time to lol

life is about fun!!  did you know?

took me a wee while to learn that valuable lesson
(a couple of trips to hell and back)
but finally I've learnt my lesson
and I ain't ever taking life seriously again, nope, seriously! I am only here for the FUN!

and I've been laughing my ass off, laughing out loud, and rolling on the floor laughing watching that wee pug sing his little heart out :)

alrighty then, enough cats and dogs - here is a bunny! - and some LOVE
(okay, technically NOT a bunny, so not a bunny! it's a hare ofcourse)

and I hope you all had a good valentines day last week?
fun, kisses, fun, chocolates, fun, loving...
ofcourse, when you find someone to have fun with -and- you also love them, 
then every day is valentines day

(anyone for a game of deadlifting? :)