Monday, 27 January 2014

here! have a little HAPPY :)

today in the gym I had the best ever laugh! it was totally so much fun and I laughed out loud so, so much! ha ha ha! totally loved it!
felt good! was nice to have so much fun, the gym boys are totally the best ever! (thanks boys :)

and last night I was smiling big time when I came across some Army Happy - 
check out these groovin' boys and girls from 4 SCOTS (4th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland) having a wee break from their hard work in Afghanistan (that first dancer, wow! he's a mover!)
they sure know how to work it good, would love to share the dance floor with these smooth movers that's for sure! I would be smiling big time :)

and omg! I'm so loving the doggie dancing - that has to be the best ever!!

well I have some Happy news - I'm all sold out of my Army drive safe baby hares made from my Aussie cams that are supporting Nowzad

and that means that Nowzad has received a total of £112 in donations from me, ~and my wonderful customers!

and the funds are helping them look after the strays that they find and the strays that the soldiers adopt and take into their hearts and homes - now isn't that a beautiful piece of happy?

this basket of motherless strays were only 1 week old when Nowzad found them

but now, 3 weeks later they are fat and loved and will have homes very soon.

and omg! my heart melted when I saw that little fat ball at the front, looking up at me.... and you know what - he came into the world about 2 weeks after Wesley left....
(yeah, I'm sorta lookin' for my Wesley, ~ well, my heart is looking)

my very last batch of hares were made from the smallest scraps I had left

I even had to sew 2 pieces of material together to make a side!

em, do you like my 'quilting techniques'? 
I wasn't sure how to join 2 pieces of tiny fabric together so I just laid one on the other and ran some thread thru them
..em, I rather like the look, don't you?

I'm the kinda girl who's into frayed and unconventional and unorthodox and breaking the rules and all that

so, I apply that to my sewing! (and my life :)

a tailless ridgeback hare?
why ofcourse sir!

still, like the strays and the soldiers - my hares are not perfect - just like real life :)

~ shall have some new hares very, very soon made in UK DPCUs (disruptive pattern combat uniform) - I like my material to be the real deal, so it'll be cams that have done service time
and, by any chance (now what are the chances eh?) if you are a soldier reading this, and have an old set of cams, and send them to me - then I'll make you a free gps sat nav system. Uh, okay, I meant a little drive safe army hare :) and Nowzad will get 2 free ones. Good deal huh?

infact one of my purdy lil hares will be rolling in an Audi R8 very soon! 
just like this one above

yeah, no joke, the wee beastie will be on it's way to Texas soon to grace a beautiful car and be a companion to an even more beautiful lady

and it will totally not agree with anything Magellan says :) cos that's how backseat drivers roll!

the R8 is neat, 
but the car that does it for me is the Trans Am!

yeah, gotta be a '78 Pontiac Firebird! 
black and gold *sigh*

and when I move to Norway, sometime in the future (no rush though, I'm enjoying my now), then I will easily pick one up for my driveway
as Norway apparently has a huge Trans Am appreciation society! yeah, life is good

this is the '76, also real purdy too!
really love the back and gold, look at the gold detailing, gorgeous!

hmmm, can hardly wait, really, really excited 
and it's a 6.6 litre V8 
could a car be any musclier?
I'll have my toons blaring, pedal to the metal
...this girl, she rolls to Metallica..

and ofcourse for the days that my Trans Am is in the garage getting it's service and mot, then I will hit the highway with my matte black Maserati Grand Turisimo

such a beautiful car!!!

look at that grill, look at those mags and rims and sleek lines *drool*

last month when I was up in the city visiting my mum (yeah, she lives opposite Edinburgh Castle! really!)
anyway, we were going to my car in George Street, and omg!! omg!! there just over from my car was a matte black Maserati!
well, the truth was I did touch it, and I did drool, but my drool never landed on the car, god forbid! and my heart started to beat fast, my mouth felt dry....

whew! my mum had to drag me away! I so love my sleek sexy cars :)

I'm really loving this one above too, look at that air thingy on it, that's so Hot! it's like a shark gill!! (just a single one :) (one is enough!)

so now that I'm full of Happy and worked myself into a little frenzy of appreciation

I will share a book I wanna read. Because of You by Jessica Scott
Can't remember the path I travelled, must have been the low road, but I found myself on Maryse's Book Blog and on the Military Romance page! ha ha ha

and I'm the type of girl who reads espionage and WWII war stuffs and boys war comic books, not girly romance stuff! sure, I love romance, but my reading time is for action and uber tough handsome psychologically damaged alpha males!

But after reading the synopsis and the free chapters on Amazon, well, I reckon I need to read this book, like pronto!!

It's only available as an eBook for kindle. I don't have a kindle, I like my paper pages, but I see that I can get some free app that will let me read it on my mac, so that's good. 
Yeah, desperate measures call for desperate actions... downloading an app... sheesh!

Though a little foray into the world of alpha males, sweat, muscles, hot love and some heart. Hmmm, I'm thinking that would do me good infact. 
It was written by a soldier too so the feelings will spot on. There is an unwritten code for soldiers, the banter, the humour, the attitude, the confidence, so it will be nice to 'be there again'.

Looking forward to this.

and the cover dude looks welcoming...

though when I was on pinterest the other day (my god! that place is the place of dreams!) I came across this photo above 

and, er,

I was transfixed!

yeah, had to wipe the drool off my keyboard! really.

I tried to locate the source, but it was elusive. So this handsome man shall remain in my dreams as I read that book.
I reckon that photo looks like a shot for a Military Romance book cover infact? what do you think?? 
anyone know who he is?
not that it matters ofcourse, as looking and appreciating is always a nice productive way to spend some time

...I'm happy to drool... *sigh*

...but if you happen to know who he is... and if he's into Metallica and Maseratis and Trans Ams and firey strong wild tomboys then...

and since I was admiring beautiful Military men, I thought I would put this in here too

I reckon this will soon become an iconic photo (if it already is not).
Just look at the mood, the downcast eyes, thick black lashes, aquiline nose, downturned corners of his mouth, brooding persona and the deep draw on the, Marlboro red. 
Gotta be a red eh? all soldiers smoke reds, I used to! way back in the days...

and I shall just leave you with a totally awesome, amazing, superb, breath-taking fantastic clip for the Army, since it's been soldiers thru and thru here

- they are recruiting, full-time, part-time - fancy signing up?

stay safe!
and remember to be Happy :)

Sunday, 12 January 2014

nothing else matters

I have been missing my angel a little

though when I close my eyes and smile and remember his unconditional love for me,
and mine for him

then I am reminded that -

nothing else matters

this is a real nice easy Metallica song to listen to
Wes loved Metallica when I played it, and played it rather loud, which was often

we would enjoy the moment together
and Metallica's songs are pretty long so the moment was blissful

my angel is amongst the stars

on wings that will never tire

amongst love that only gets stronger

though back down here on earth I still haven't put his mats away

~ I'm not ready yet ~

but I did have to put his food bowls away.
I was visited the other night by a tiny furred, long tailed, short eared friend

so his mats are just being occupied by one of his xmas presents - a little green fish 
Wes and I got one each and these wee beasties make me smile every time 

his heater is still on, and his favourite toy sits beside it, keeping warm
it's still got his saliva all over it, on the hardened bits of matted fur

yeah, like I said ~ I hadn't let go yet eh
...still not time..
.....not time yet..

I finally got my xmas tree up though (it didn't need decorating)

some things have been moving slowly

I suppose celebrating xmas in January is allowed some years eh?

my wee heart often slept beside this zebra as the sun shone in

every now and again I would have to pull round the love heart as it would be brushed to the back by Wes as he got up

this is the beautiful xmas paper I bought in December, used a little bit of it

it has a pair of love birds amongst the metallic gold trees, and stars in the night's sky

so, so beautiful eh

I never gave as many presents as I wanted to at xmas, my last minute things all got put aside

though I received some beautiful gifts in the mail from afar -

I received LOVE from my dear friend
my friend whom I love so much
my friend whom I appreciate so much with all my heart, all my heart

who has been here too, with buns going to the stars

- we all know exactly how it feels


and when I looked thru these beautiful cards

I was reminded by a precious rabbit holding the flower-of-unconditional-love that All is Well

and that made me smile big time! yay!! 
a little rabbit from across the big pond letting me know that all is well :)

and 2 fishys on another card reminded me to look for reason to be appreciative every day

so ofcourse I do 

Wesley's little fishy is also my reminder
(so adorable eh? I totally love fishys big time, and lizardys and dinosaurs)

I so appreciate having such a loving, caring friend :)

Big, big thank you Shell, Harrington and Lady Hannah Golden Hare xxx

Wes and I had so many happy, happy, fun-filled times together

he always made me laugh! he never complained about my awful baking
he always had a smile and kiss for me! he never complained about my laziness
he always loved me more and more every day! he never complained when my hand got tired from patting him

yeah, we had fun, lots of fun
lots of smiles
every day

and thank you to another beautiful lady and my most favourite pin-up boy I will have smiles every month this year! 

handsome Mr Mick is gracing my walls in his very own calendar! yay!

so I will have a lop to smile at and appreciate every day 

I do so love this picture of Micky relaxing so I reckon it may be my month of choice for quite a few months 

here he is on my wall, showing those teeny tiny leverets how to do it...

Big, big thank you Jade and Mr Mick xxx

last summer I made a wish, 
then took it home with me
(a dandelion wish)

and put it in my shadow box to be watched over by hare and deer
amongst the feathers and metallic flowers

and now that my angel is up amongst the stars where my wish is
(cos a wish once made goes straight to the stars)

he will see that it comes to me

as that's how all wishes come true, on the wings of angels

and every evening as I work thru the night
with the stars, and my precious love shining down on me
as I bask in some Metallica
I can relax in the knowledge that all my dreams are coming true

as nothing else matters

LOVE is a 4 letter word


all is well :)

thank you all so, so much for all the tender, caring, heart-felt, beautiful words, warmth and love for me, I so appreciate it all, I really do

much much love
Annette xxx