Saturday, 30 November 2013

Done and dusted - Deadlifting 100kg

So I'm pretty proud of myself tonight,

had a real good workout, and on the way there felt like doing some deads 
(deadlifting :)

I can't take credit for that beautiful lady above, that's not me

but every word written is true

I train hard, as hard as I can on the day for my energy level

and tonight as Metallica's 'When the bell tolls' was blasting out the speakers on full I deadlifted 100kg!

yay! ~ BIG smile ~ 
       ~ BIG song and dance~

though I was not dressed as lightly as the beautiful lady above, hell no - this is Scotland, this is winter, it was 6 degrees outside!
so I had on my T, trackie daks and warm sweatshirt. Just until I broke a sweat....
(my only witness to the feat was the mirror :)

I did a post on deadlifting a couple months ago, and I can now do reps easily on 90kg

oh okay, I can do 4 reps, then 4 more, then another 4 then 3 then yadda yadda... you get my drift,
and I'm happy with that. I like my progress, I like to take my time, go slow, at a pace that suits me

It's been so good to deadlift, totally THE best exercise I have ever done and it is such a powerful movement to do, feels incredible. 
I really am in heaven when I'm doing it! ha ha! 
(em... what's she on??! is she really talking about deadlifting...!!?)

and if I don't indulge too much in all the tasty xmas treats out now, then I may just stay lean enough to sport a nice pair of pins like Rachel, above

and I could be the proud owner of a tush to be admired... perhaps..

though tonight, as a lil' reward I treated myself to some chocolate slathered profiteroles, yuu hhhuu mmmmeee. 
They only come in packs of 12 (sheesh! really?)
so, 9 down, 3 to go... 

So I remember before, going on about how good deadlifting is for you, and it really is - it has transformed me like nothing else

my core is now pretty damn strong 

I am sure I could wrap myself around that big thingy above just like that pretty lithe lady (what IS that thingy?? for martial arts I reckon? I thought they used logs of iron, as in Kickboxer...)

and my arms are coming along just fine

though not as big as this impressive lady above, 
what a nice pair of delts she has too, and check out that chain around her waist! cool eh? so tough! 
I will be making myself a dip belt with a nice 1/4inch chain on it, since I do dips with a 15kg plate (not too bad, I do sets of 6 at 10/12 reps)
didn't wanna spend $50 plus postage on that one, though I am sure it is worth every cent, will see how I go stitching one up, rather liking the chain, all that metal *mmm*

and maybe if I keep up my deadlifting and my weighted dips, and weighted chins, then one day I will have a nice pair of guns like this pretty lass!

Such a beautiful girl eh? 

beautiful smile! 
I love smiles :) did I mention that before? so LOVE smiles :)

okay, so I'm finished blowing my own trumpet, patted myself on the back enough, texted my mate to brag about my lift... was congratulated then promptly put in my place :) heh heh

maybe these new hares I made will bring a little smile to you?

(yeah, that's the hand that gripped the bar that had 100kg on it...)

they are looking forward to scampering around your xmas tree! which one do you love?

omg!!! forgot to say - saw my first xmas tree tonight on the way home from the gym! wow! totally love xmas trees and that all sparkly stuff

these little pals are in a Scandinavian floral pattern (came from a Norwegian tea towel, nuff said!)

and then when I got home and looked up at the stars, as I always do - omg!! I saw THE biggest, sparkliest star I have ever ever seen, like ever!
It was to the left hand side of Orion the Hunter, and em, I reckon it could be Sirius, the dog star, and the brightest star in the sky, because it was so bright! it was like the sun!!
alrighty, not as bright as the sun, but nearly as...

hmmmm, then again, maybe it is Venus?? 
all this star navigation stuff is a lil' confusing for me - will have to ask my brother, he will know for sure, he studied the stars and knows where they all live in the sky, I merely admire them as they glisten away

aaah :) so many things to LOVE!

little carrot covered hares perhaps? 
perfect for the centre piece decoration on the xmas table
(that little chap has a home to go to already, I'll have more hopping by in the next few days)

so LOVE the stars

so LOVE my gym

so LOVE deadlifting

so LOVE my strong body

... I could go on and on and...

so here I am - a 'selfie', taken a month or two ago. 
(was for an artist's profile for my paintings actually) (real professional huh?)
Still got a little way to go with my guns eh?
I'm not into singlets (yet) or tight shorts or revealing stuffs. The most I do is turn my sleeves up, that's my vanity taken care of.

oh - forgot to boast (again!) - I now do shrugs on 170kg!!!

yeah, really! 170kg!  I do 3 sets of 6/8 reps  not too bad eh? I warm up with reps on 120kg, then 140kg, then 150kg

okey dokey, 
showtime is now officially over :)

I have warm ups to do....

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

thank yous

I have a few thank yous to give

last year for the very first time I started to celebrate Thanksgiving,
that very traditional American holiday,

and my mum and I had a tasty lil bite in Starbucks with our mugs of tea and rolled off 10 things we were thankful for
~ that felt good ~

so this year, it's just me and Wes this Thanksgiving
(my mum is on far.mor duties in Norway)

I find it easy to find things to be thankful for
and every day in my journal I write up a list of 'thank you for...' things
~ that feels good ~

and in the process of giving thanks
and finding things to appreciate

I find that my life is blessed with lots of good good stuff
that comes to me easily, and in fun ways

so, since I said I had a few thank yous to give
I shall now bombard you with them
(I will write in grey and a very small font so I don't bore the sockses off you, and your eyes will get tired from the strain of trying to wade thru them and after a couple of lines you will give up, yawning, and go and make yourself a stiff whisky, em I mean hot cup of tea)
~ this will feel good ~

alrighty Annette, you can start now - I have the peanut speaker up full blast playing Metallica so you can prattle away till the turkeys, er cows come home...

ofcourse you do Wesley :)
so here goes -

thank you for my beautiful adorable rabbit Wesley who sleeps between my feet all the time and if I move them out the way he reaches up to paw my legs in vexation, thank you for my quiet peaceful cosy warm home, thank you for the sun shining warmly on me I totally adore the sun adore adore adore, thank you for my customers all over the world - yay! I love you all thank you for buying the stuffs I make, and thank you for my friends and blog readers and stoppers-by reading all this fodder I endlessly produce hoping to make you smile and even laugh a little perhaps, thank you for my healthy neat little car who passed his mot with flying colours this year as I sat inside the service centre with a tiny baby puppy in my arms nibbling on my buttons that I was holding for a gym buddy mate as he got his wheels checked out, thank you for my excellent affordable gym membership and my super fantastic weights room with everything I need and love cos the weights is what I loves with all my heart and soul and it is my lifeblood my drug my passion and my desire, thank you for the friendship from all my friends all over the world it is so nice to have friends, thank you for the friendship and food-induced friendship from all my feathered friends that I say hello to every day as I feed them and no I don't feel in the slightest that I have to bribe them for friendship as this is all part of the deal, thank you for the little squirrely who always stops to smile at me with a nut in his paws when I have just fed him, thank you for my running shoes which are still runnable and wearable even after 9 long years not bed eh that's asics for you, thank you for my strong healthy fit body which takes me places I want to go and do things I wanna do I'm real happy with my body big time, thank you for my cosy warm snuggly bed with the light blue quilt I love and the covers with paw and hoof and birdy feety prints all over it I adore them so much, thank you for my etsy shop which makes it possible for me to work here at home at my desk with cups of tea and cake and and and, thank you for my delicious cups of lady grey tea, yum yum yum so nice to drink, and thank you for the walnut whips which I just love eating, yum yum yum and I've gobbled 3 down since last night and I don't feel guilty in the slightest and why should I as I've ran 6 miles and spent 6 hours working out yadda yadda yadda but that's just me and I might have another one later tonight, thank you for my electricity supply which gives me hot water and lights and heat any time I want it and a kettle that works at the press of a switch and a fridge that is always on keeping Wes' parsnips nice n fresh, thank you for my fresh water supply that gives me on tap drinking water and delicious relaxing showers, so love my hot hot showers mmm did I say how much I love them, thank you for my bathroom which is cosy and warm and toasty on cold winter days and is just the way I love it, thank you for my sash windows which keep the outside out and the warmth in and I get a great view from them and Wes loves the sun shining in, thank you for the trees with their beautiful leaves in brilliant colours and the soft bed of leaves all over the ground now - if I was a doggie I would be rolling about in them for sure, thank you for my mac and the internet connection and my internet supply company for being reliable and efficient and fast and dependable cos it's not 4 eyes you get from a tv anymore but 4 eyes from a computer screen nowadays, thank you for my family whom I love with all my heart and to bits - they make me laugh and smile all the time especially my brother who skyped me this morning from Norway with my mum beside him and my microphone was not working on my computer so instead of me typing to his talking he picked up the phone to call me and I could hear the ringing on my computer speakers from his phone - as he had his phone on speaker-phone - and my phone's ringer does not work ha ha so I can never hear incoming calls ha ha ha - and as I was about to pick up my phone we all heard my mum's answer machine come on and her personal phone message 'hi this is.. I'm not in so leave a ...' and I fell off my chair laughing as my ultra cool brother hardly even smiled in his faux pas - yup that was a good good morning!, thank you for my life here on earth I love living on this planet breathing such fresh air feeling the sun on me and seeing the beasties every day, thank you for the doggies who come down my street on their way to the beach yapping their furry heads off in their excitement, thank you for the doggies who walk back up my road after their romp on the beach all exhausted and happy and sandy, thank you for my blog where I get to share my work and a little about what inspires me so that maybe a little bit of it may inspire you too and bring a smile and some happiness, thank you for the smiles I receive every day as I love love love receiving smiles and love giving smiles in return smiles feel so so good so so good love smiles big time, and lastly (for just now anyway), THANK YOU for stopping by to read 
much love
Annette xx

Monday, 25 November 2013

so loving snow deer

can there ever be enough love?

or deer, or hares, or snow? (preferably all together)

I do so love printed fabrics with beautiful images of deer

especially in blues, greys and browns - my fav colours, 
which remind me of the viddes in Norway  ~ it is so breathtakingly beautiful to be on the vidde, I have never felt so at home (um, was I a reindeer in a past life? :)

an Arabella bag is on her way across the pond

complete with faux fur collar and a North American Whitetail

and faux fur ruffles on the rump

with straps adorned with fluff, tweed and ribbon scraps

and ofcourse a tail! 

what self respecting rabbit would not be complete without a white and black tail?

some deer have made their way into my home early this winter

every year as soon as the xmas cards come out in the shops I usually buy a pack of the ones that I just can't live without

12 cards is more than enough for me

3 on display in my sitting room, and em,

9 that will be stashed away for a few more years

last year I think I sent 3 cards (late), it must have been January by the time I got around to sending them

hmmm, not that there is anything wrong in that is there?

(dates are WAY over-rated)

and no, I am not the type of person who waits to see who will be sending me a card before I send them one. Last year I got a few cards, I am sure it was more than 5 (maybe it was 6 at a push) and that was including the free church one that is always put thru my letterbox just incase I have had a bad year and need to find solace in god. Nice to know it/he/she is always there for me :)

I'm a 'Universe' girl myself, and send my love to the stars actually

the stars never judge me, they always shine their light on me and every night, without fail they are there for me
sparkling and glistening and twinkling as I admire and appreciate them

I so love looking up at the ✻  stars every night    

okay enough stargod stuff -

here is the fabled Bluebird of Happiness!

well, er, this one will definitely be bringing happiness

I rustled it up last night for my little Norse princess who will opening it on xmas day

every day will be a happy day for her :)
(hey! ~ she has me as an aunty!) and I take my aunty duties very seriously! 

1. make my nieces feel good every day
2. make my nieces laugh by doing funny and stupid things
3. make my nieces happy by giving (aka - making) them anything they want
4. let my nieces get away with hell when they come to visit me
5. spoil them rotten :)

did I get all the main points in??

so, just waiting on some snow coming now.....

(and xmas cards :)
email me - shall give you my add.... and I promise to send one in return, as long as you are not from a church..

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

the Midnight Sun Vs Tropic of Capricorn

Autumn is here, again, the days are getting colder

and the sun is getting weaker, day by day 

some beautiful crystals catch the brightest rays, as do the eyes on the smallest hare 

nearly every day I am blessed with the sun shining brightly on me as I work at my desk

and that's a good thing, because I have grown to LOVE the sun more and more

when I was tiny I lived in Zambia for 5 years
growing up in the bush just a bit above the Tropic of Capricorn

surrounded by crocs, snakes, antelope, zebra, eles, lizards and every insect imaginable ~ and the insects in Zambia are the size of small antelopes!! I kid you not

and every day I played happily in the scorching sun, as it beat down on me, relentlessly

- but I was a kid - and kids don't really mind the searing heat, nor notice the bright rays,
well, I never seemed to mind. I was as brown as a berry in all my photos and my hair was nearly, well, it wasn't my dark brown now that's for sure. I was gonna say blonde, but I don't do blonde...  ....mmm, it was *sunkissed*

anyway, it's a long way up North, up here in Scotland with her snow and mountains, from the Tropic of Capricorn!

and the sun, whilst very hot in summer ~ if you lie as still as a lizard on a rock ~ just never seems as omnipresent as in the tropics

it's not ofcourse, I think I was being a little wistful?

but after Africa I then did the rest of my growing up in Outback Australia, in the Northern Territory - again, just above the Tropic of Capricorn
in the hot, hot stiflingly humid tropics of tropical Darwin,
and boy oh boy was it hot and humid all year round!! took me a few years to acclimatize unlike the dry heat in Africa 

and then after all that sun I needed a respite so I came back to Scotland to the grey, and clouds, and rain and fog 

and saying something about the sun being over-rated.. blah blah blah...

- and it wasn't just a fog lying on the land here, it was a fog in trying to understand the locals. Now that was hard!! 
I could hardly understand a thing anyone said, they spoke so fast, with such thick broad accents and really weird strange words. They thought I was taking the piss at work, because I kept saying 'excuse me?' every time they spoke to me, as I didn't have a clue what they had just said!

Hmmm what can I say? perhaps I was not as Scottish as I thought I was? Obviously not!
My most Scottishest word had always been 'aye' (yes)
(but i only used to say that when i lived in Australia....)

and if someone here says 'aye right!'  
it does not necessarily mean 'yes, okay' - it is local banter for 'what rubbish/your kidding/get away wi' yersel ya wee....'

anyway, back to the sun!

Wesley loves the sun shining in, and all day long he will follow it around the room, to bask in the warmth
he's a little sun-bug :)

just as well I have South facing windaes.. oops! sorry, I meant windows
(seriously, I do not talk with much of an accent or use the local banter, I promise)

and my delicious cups of Lady Grey tea are kissed by the autumn sun

so pretty!

always makes me think of the midnight sun, this fading winter sun does, sitting low on the horizon, not giving too much warmth in all it's brightness

even my little fountain seems to be doing a better job?

though it is really very beautiful when I go out to feed the squirrel and sparrows and other beasties

there is something rather mesmerizing about the sun at this time of year, that's for sure

the birds get to tuck in to some mixed seed from their Norwegian bird house

hmmm, perhaps it is rather Scandinavian eh? it did come from my sister-in-laws over in Norway

and em, so did their purdy little water dish. 
It's got 2 permanent water drinkers on the side. Often I see blackbirds standing in the centre taking vigorous baths after I've washed all the leaves out and refilled it.

Glad I got it home in one piece, inside my suitcase... the things you drag back home from your holidays eh??!

(and don't even ask me about the huge 1.8m steel-enforced cardboard tunnel I carted back from Norway for Wesley...!) (oh, alrighty, lying about the steel-enforced part, but it is construction material tunnels and I had to get the guy next door to cut it in 2 with his huge professional circular saw, and even then it was still too big to get in my suitcase ha ha!!) (the things I do for my rabbit eh?)(Wes turned his nose up at it infact)(sorted! sarcastic self-effacing adj.)

alrighty then, the sun is still shining, and the little squirrel that I feed every day comes scurrying across the branches to me when I put some nuts and raisins and sunflower seeds down for him (or her).

it is a rather small squirrel - this year's baby infact and the other 2 siblings have not made an appearance for quite some time, so I could be fattening up just the one tiny beastie

- fattening up to get thru the long winter months ahead I mean. Though I do feed the squirrel every day, so by next spring this little mite will be a huge bundle of fat I reckon?

the little squirrels I make are not so fat

still, that's not an issue,
they don't need to fatten up for hibernating as they will be spending their time on your Christmas tree
amongst all the pretty little sparkling winter suns

oh, okay, xmas tree lights then 
- I was only trying to add a bit of sparkle to the image

I've become rather attached to Achilles since I made him, in all his unkemptness, and sort-of innocence

and I really do love Adore as well
she really is a very beautiful little hare
such a gentle appearance
shall have to give her a tough persona with softened edges, to carry that kind of cuteness off then 

so, that's decided then - these 2 hares are mine
I think they are meant for each other infact? what do you think?
she adores him, he does indeed adore her....
... though no-one is saying anything...

hey?! what's this?

put the lights back on!

okay Wesley :) 
perhaps we should be considering a sojourn in the Tropic of Capricorn then?

Midnight Sun Vs Tropic of Capricorn - I think I will have both, thank you!