Tuesday, 14 May 2013

*the stars will bring you your love*

~I have always believed in the stars, though it took me years to realise this, and I have always believed in love, though it took me years to acknowledge this~

and now ~ I only live my life by the stars and love

alrighty then, having set the tone, I can only be referring to true love now, can I

because no matter what, the stars will bring you together

and my very first Papa Hare - Resolute - learned very young that the stars will give you your soulmate, you just have to believe, in your heart,

and so....

When Resolute was still very tiny, he was out with his mama one day, on a discovery excursion, as she took him across the meadow and down by the edge of the forest, across the stream and up along the side of the field, pointing out all the interesting things that small hares should know about. 
At the edge of the field they stopped for a rest, enjoying the sunshine amongst the tall grasses. Mama dozed off in the warmth for a few minutes, and unbeknownst to her Resolute scampered off, still excited about seeing new things. He had hardly gone any distance when he saw a fence and beyond the fence was a garden and in the garden was a strange shaped thing with a small fence on it, and inside the strange shaped thing was the most beautiful sight baby hare Resolute had ever seen in his very short life. 
As he gazed at his new discovery, the discovery gazed right back at him, and neither of them moved a whisker. 
Resolute was looking at a very pretty grey thing, with strange long things on each side of her head. He felt his heart pounding and his paws began to tingle, his mouth became very dry and he tried to speak but nothing came out. All he could do was smile at her, and all she did was smile back at him. 
Then just as he was about to step forward and introduce himself, he heard his mama bark his name, so he dashed back thru the shrubs and grasses to her. Mama scolded him and said that he must never go off on his own again, especially not to fences, as fences were not safe places. And with that, they made a quick journey home. 
But all Resolute could think about was the grey doe he had seen and every time he thought about her his heart raced. As soon as he was allowed out to explore by himself he made the long journey back across the meadow to the forest and over the stream and thru the field, where he raced as fast as he could to the fence. Completely forgetting mama’s wise words. He peered thru the fence and tried to sort of remember the garden and the small fence on the thing in the garden, but none of it looked familiar and he couldn’t see any small fence and he couldn’t see any grey beautiful creature gazing back at him. No matter how far he followed the fence, there was still nothing nowhere. 
He finally made his way back, tears streaming down his face, sobbing uncontrollably, tripping over the rocks and fallen branches and stumbling on the divots, until eventually he was home. 
Mama could see from his disheveled unkempt state that he was distraught, and within minutes he had blurted everything out to her, and did mama know why the pretty grey thing had no ears? 
Why, ofcourse mama knew, and she explained to Resolute that what he had seen was a people-rabbit, and she did have ears, but that they were long and flat, not like the normal little silly meadow rabbits with the small pointy ears. 
And so every day after that Resolute would make the long round trip over to the fence to look for his sweetheart, and every day he would return home sad and dejected. 
Well, this behaviour could not go on forever, so one day mama gave him a small present that she had found on the edge of a picnic blanket that very morning, in the hopes of cheering him up. It was a tiny toy fabric rabbit with really, really long ears, and mama said that if he kept it close to his heart, then one day the stars would bring his real rabbit to him. Oooooh! gasped Resolute, and he hugged the little plush close to his heart, as his heart started to race.
Now that he is all grown up he has a baby of his own. Well, not really his own, as one day he sort of came across an abandoned leveret as he was out and about, on his daily trips to the fence. 
He reckoned that there was no harm in checking the fence every day just incase that beautiful rabbit came back, and besides he had started to enjoy the excursions and got to stretch his legs. Though on this particular day he stumbled on a very small baby, with cuts all over his fur, crying and shaking, not far from the fence. 
Resolute looked around to see if there were any mothers near by, I mean, what on earth was he going to do with a baby, and how on earth could he look after one? What with feeding and cleaning and educating and all that, surely that was very complicated and only something a mother could do, so he scanned the horizon but not a single one was to be seen. 
Though the baby had rushed over immediately to him and was now shivering and clinging onto his leg by this stage. So he scooped the youngster up and took him home, where he gave him a good clean and found some tender new shoots for his dinner. 
And he was even thinking about giving his little fabric hare to his new charge, but on second thoughts he thought not. Just incase it gets torn or squashed or dirtied. After all, that tiny hare still sleeps beside him on his pillow every night when he dreams about his sweetheart.
Resolute is looking forward to dozing cosily on your armchair by the French windows on that crazily patterned rug. Lois will be right by his side! Now that he is living with his sweetheart, after such a long time of being apart from her, they will be inseparable. They have a lot of catching up to do since that day by the fence. But it won’t be an awkward type of catching up, because they are soulmates and accept each other completely. Even though Lois is a rabbit with extra long ears and Resolute in a hare with long ears, but er, not as long as hers, and he loves everything about her! 
His mama was right because he had kept the tiny toy rabbit close to his heart all that time and the stars did bring him his love! 
So, they would like some private time together thank you. What do you mean they can have private time when you go to bed, that’s not very fair is it? not everyone wants to canoodle in the dark now, do they. Sometimes it’s nice to canoodle in the afternoon, sometimes in the morning and sometimes as they are having dinner, that’s one of the perks of being in love. 
And why do they have to wait so long for you to go to bed, c’mon for goodness sake, surely you’ve seen thatmovie before haven’t you – it’s the one where she finds the ring box in his scrappy old pair of trousers that she was going to throw out and as she turns around he’s kneeling down infront of her, asking her to marry him, sigh! so romantic

and Baby Hare Sure

One day Sure decided that he was going to go and explore a little bit further than any of his friends had done. He made up his mind to see what was on the other side of the meadow. 
But he didn’t tell mama and he didn’t tell any of his friends. He wanted it to be a surprise, so that when he returned home he would let everyone know about the wonderful things he had seen. 
Anyway, that was the plan. 
So when kindergarten finished and the babies were making their way home along the edge of the wood, Sure pretended that he had forgotten something back at school and scampered off, and as soon as he was out of sight of his pals he veered off the path and headed straight to the meadow. 
He was pretty excited and imagined the things he would see. As he made his way up to the edge of the meadow his head was filled with butterflies and friendly little birds, squirrels and lots and lots of happy insects and pretty flowers and some of those tasty herb things mama had pointed out to him once. 
But then out of nowhere he heard a very loud scary noise, and he froze. He was rooted to the spot then suddenly, something inside him made him start running. But he had no idea where he was running to, or what he was running from, only that he was running. Running very, very fast, and running away from that scary barking noise. Until he bounced off something and landed in a heap, sprawled amongst the bushes. 
He couldn’t get up, so he lay there for a very long time, shaking, with his heart pounding wildly. But he couldn’t hear the noise any more, so that was good. Though he didn’t know where he was. He had darted across the meadow so fast that he was now completely lost, and what was even scarier was that there was a fence in front of him. And mama and his teachers had always said that fences were bad and you had to stay away from them. 
So Sure did the only thing he could do, he started to cry and sob and wail. His fur began to matt up with all the tears falling down and his nose was running and he could feel pains all over his body and noticed so many cuts on his legs. He was in a bad way. 
Then he saw a big shape in front of him and on looking up there was a papa hare. Sure darted right over to him and grabbed his front leg, not letting go, and sobbed even harder, as he was now so happy to be safe!
Sure is looking forward to sitting comfortably on your armchair by the French windows. Not the same chair as papa though, because papa will be sharing his chair with his new wife Lois. 
And Sure doesn’t want to be on there too, it will be far too cramped, and he might step on an ear. 
Besides he will be so happy to have his very own chair, and he’ll be going out into the garden every day and spending time amongst your flowers and all the little insects and the birds. He’s not too keen on your fence though so he won’t be going near it. He hopes you understand. 
Though he’s really looking forward to all the delicious meals he’ll be having with you. Papa has not been the best cook and sometimes he’s been really very hungry after dinner, not because there wasn’t much on his plate, but because it tasted rather funny. Papa said that he would be taking cooking lessons so that he could cook for his new wife but Sure is pretty sure that the lessons won’t make much difference at all. 
It’s just that papa has floundered in quite a few of the domestic departments, especially compared to his mama, from what he remembers of her, way back then. She was a great cook and could sew really well and read him bedtime stories every night, unlike papa, who had to ask one of the birds to help him sew up that dirty little stuffed toy he still carries around with him. Not even Sure has a toy that filthy! Infact he is well past carrying toys around with him. I mean, aren’t toys for babies?

...and incase you were thinking that Lois was a figment of my over-active imagination? - well, here is the beautiful long-eared lady herself!!
(on that crazily-patterened rug)

and totally head over heels in love with Resolute, when he found her 
and they met for the first time with no fence between them

*sigh*  true love!

Lois lives in America, and as you can see, they are inseparable!

it's always a pleasure to muster up a story that has such a personal touch, and quite a few of my stories have been written in this way - can't wait to publish my first book! I'm getting really excited because I've written a few hundred stories now and every now and then when I read thru them I find myself smiling and being surprised *(humble blushes :)*

anyway, to accompany Resolute, Sure and the tiny long-eared plush was a handful of hares - donations for a rescue that Lois' mum volunteers at - Special Bunny in Seattle

I wrapped each one in it's own package, so that they have 3 lagomorphs to auction off. 
thank you Tamara!
Always nice to help out and know that there is alot of love out there for the rescue rabbits. People are so kind and generous with their time and their hearts, and that is so touching.

so... with all this talk about love and soulmates and forever afters, I thought it would be nice if I made a poster of my Family Rules handmade card, so

I added some more hares wearing pink roses and splashed them around the affirmations

and printed out a couple different sizes -
A5 for your desk and

A4 for your wall


I'm pretty happy with them! and these are the roolz I live by every day, now that I follow my heart and listen to the stars

as my little heart sleeps on the stars between my feet as I work

hey Annette! extra-long ears are over-rated eh, I rather like my small straight ones 
- anyway, you just give my brow a good scratch there, slave, er sweetie...

mmmmm *puurrrrrr** *purrr**

mmmm *pu....  huh!?  
where d'ya go? get back here.....

Saturday, 4 May 2013

"a crown for the King" said the kittens

I've made a few hare brooches now and really enjoy creating them

like all my beasties, they 'become' themselves as I stuff and adorn and smile at them

and so...

my latest became a king!

hey! what's this rubbish? I'm the King in this kingdom!
"I banish you, small and insignificant scatty little piece of nothingness to the dungeons.... Be Gone!"

uh! okay then.... Wesley has spoken...

anyway, to accompany the King at court is the dandy

these gorgeous statement brooches are not for paupers or shrinking violets

they are for brave and confident and proud beings, 

such as, er, kings and dandys...

and so I introduce to you the first of my Man Brooches!! yaaay (big cheer)

(not that I would ever call a man a dandy to his face)
(except the dandiest of dandys - Rupert Everett, who was ever so amazing in My Best Friends Wedding, with that not-quite-a-dandy hot dude Dermot Mulroney *sigh* *drool*)

yeah, yeah, drool on the - what! there's 2 of them!!? 
- hey! I thought I banished it, em, them to the....

oh Wesley, you little sweetheart! stop having kittens :)

isn't that the nicest of sayings? instead of saying 'stop going off your head' or 'get a grip' or 'face it' or all manner of other slightly derogatory and un-nice words strung together

kittens are so sweet, and tiny and helpless and cute and omg! and..

- so I made some of thems :)

a handful of kittens, just opened their eyes

(for those of you who don't know, and are about to say 'but they are baby rabbits' - well, baby rabbits are actually called kittens)

so don't go having kittens over my facetiousness - here's a 'real' one if you so wish :)

with a littly ribbon tail adorned with a tinkly bell, aaaw adorable!

and a cute lil' rabbity kitten, aaaaw adorable!

all happily waiting in my etsy shop for their new spring homes,
along with the, er, king and dandy!

...ooops, I have to go, the white furry King is calling the slave