Friday, 29 March 2013

uh-oh!! chocolate poisoning!

Hoppy Easter from Wesley and me

hey! stop typing and keep scratching! -what is this? holiday time or something??!

I bought a few chocolate rabbits to help us enjoy easter, 

.......actually, there were 3 more 

but they escaped from this warren two days ago...

~ oh, alright I ate them, and got what felt like chocolate poisoning! 
is that even possible? 
I know chocolate is poisonous for dogs and cats - but humans?

mind you, it was rather alot of chocolate to consume in the space of two sittings 
(dinner the night before, and the rest for breakfast the next morning)

1 large chocolate rabbit 440g +
1 small gold chocolate bun 120g +
1 small gold chocolate bun 120g =

one green-faced chocolate-filled slightly-sickly feeling bunny  (not Wesley! me!)

anyway - here I am the day after - fully recovered and with a nice 'glow' to my complexion :)

- who says chocolate is not good for you? even in copious amounts??

and did I see a morsel?
not even a whisker!!

.....oh now, just look at that - there's a bit smudged here ...... mmmmm, nibble nibble..
- now wasn't that lucky?

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

calling all Aussie diggers (serving soldiers)

are you a soldier in the Australian Army? 
and do you have an old pair of cams you don't need?

if so, then maybe we could do a deal :)
and you could score a neat lil' hare for your wheels

not so long ago I made my very first 'Drive Safe with Baby Hare' rear view mirror charm for your car 
and put them in my etsy shop

well, I made up a batch of these tiny leverets from my old Army shirt and before I knew it, I had hardly any of my old cams left, from way back when I was a soldier in the Australian Army 

so if you are a digger, and reading this, 

and would like a cute little hare for FREE, (worth 30 bucks!) for your hot wheels, 
(will be an ice-breaker for the ladies :)

and have a set of spare cams - don't matter what pattern, new issue or old ones, then ...

just drop me a line and we can do a deal ~ easy :)

my email:

attn: Scottish hare Annette

I live in Scotland, so when I mail your hare back to you I shall put in some snow, we have plenty of it just now!

this one above is my own hare and he loves being in my car as we cruise the streets
... oh okay then, as we make short trips to the grocery store ....
.....and the gym .......
.......and the ....

all my hares are made with heart - I'm good with heart

even my sangers have heart in them!
(Aussie for sandwich)

so if you'd like a purdy lil soldier hare who is very opinionated - and good with the ladies - and is guaranteed to keep you right, when you're on the road, with all his back seat driving -

A tiny baby hare companion to keep you safe on every trip.

When out and about in your wheels hare loves to dangle from your rear view mirror and make sure that you have a great trip. 

Hare doesn’t mind your cursing but remember to smile, no hogging the road or tail gating, and be pleasant to other drivers.

You will get there in the end so just chill. Besides, being on time is overrated! (try telling that to a soldier eh?)

And don’t forget to carry spare batteries for your GPS, though hare is great at map reading and will help out any time, just make sure it is a big fold-out old-style map and not one of those silly books. Hare might get trapped in a leaf.

- and in December hare will appreciate a shiny bauble or two on your dash, perhaps even a sliver of tinsel, to get in the festive mood. 

Hare loves nothing more than being a backseat driver and being admired. 

This little hare wants you to know that baby hares are called leverets.

Hare has been lovingly made from a scrap of Annette’s old Aussie cams when she was a soldier in the Australian Army and is a beautiful keepsake to name and pass down. 

then drop me a line mate, even if you are a choco ....   :)

Sunday, 10 March 2013

i like to .....

1. bask in the sun

2. watch the snow fall

3. and always give just that little bit more

and I managed to do all 3 today!
imagine that - sun, snow and sharing

I wanted to take some baby hare photos in the sun, so the clouds obliged and parted and the hot sun graced my living room, then when I was finished photographing I got a wild snow storm. (you can just see the white flecks of horizontal snow whizzing by my windows)

and then it was time for Wes to do the drawing of the magnet give away

and since I love surprises and giving more than I get, I added in some 'extras' to accompany the magnet
I put in
- a photo of hare
- a postcard of hare
- a little memo pad I made of hare
- and a sticker of Wes sleeping with his white toy doggy

Wes does not work for carrots, 
so I got 2 pieces of his favourite organic Scottish oatcakes, from Nairns, made right here in Edinburgh, and bundled around the names on strips of paper

I decided that the ball closest to me would be the winner, 
so Wes charged in as soon as he got a sniff of the oatcakes and nuzzled into the pile

and before I had time to breath - the 2 chunks has vanished!

but a ball had made it's way to the outskirts 

and I straightened it out to reveal the name .....

Christina! yay!

Congratulations Christina, I shall have this little pile of hares in the mail to you this week (and, ssshhhh!, if you ask your buns to keep mum, I shall put in some of Wes' heart shaped cookies that I baked for him a fortnight ago.... :)

and since it was mother's day in Scotland today, 
I made my mama a card 
and she came down in the snowstorm to visit me 
and we ate delicious Borders biscuits, drank cups of earl & lady grey tea (my own speciality mix - yeah, okay, I just took the 2 packs of loose leaf and shoogled them together for a light but fragrantly manly taste)
and then we went shopping and bought chocolate shaped easter rabbits!

and after that I relocated the hares I took pics of earlier today, from my etsy shop to the Hare Preservation Trust's shop (will be on very soon)

baby hare Pleasure who loves to paint

baby hare Maxima who loves his ears flat against his back, always

and baby hare Gossamer who is still a little insecure and afraid

don't think I didn't hear you earlier Annette - putting in some of my cookies for Christina's rabbits! 

pfff - ain't gonna happen girl, ain't gonna happen

I may look like I am half asleep catching the sun's rays, 
but if a morsel of cookie so much as goes into an envelope - well, there will be snow storms in this house for sure!! 
.... honestly, bake a few cookies and think you can share the world ..... bah!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered my give away! 
I reckon I may just have a purdy little brooch for my next give away :)

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Hello Burfday Boy

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to Yooou
Happy Birthdaaay Dear Ferrrrrguus
Haaaaappppyyy Biiiiirrrthhhdaaaaayy 
toooooooo Yooooooooouuu

now who's a jolly good fellow?
now who's a jolly good felllllloooooww?
now whooooo's a jolllly goooood feeehhllow?
the Mr Secret Believer is

hip hip hooray!
hip hip hooraaaay!

(from 2 secret admirers xxx)