Tuesday, 19 February 2013

the winter sun

the other day Wesley was catching some rays

along with the tiny ornament rabbit that was drying out after a bath (too rough to dust, so gets a douse instead)

the winter sun is rather hot, behind the sashes

and he loves to groom 

and attend to his daily ablutions in the warmth and quiet

hey Annette - I hear that there are only 3 names so far in your magnet give away - how hard is it going to be for me to choose a winner eh?! 
I was looking forward to getting my paws immersed.....

~what can I say?
it's only a teeny tiny hare magnet after all? and not a mama hare with original story....

Thursday, 14 February 2013

i know im not perfect but....

Wesley was perusing the fridge magnets the other day as I was doing my photoshoot of the newest litter of tiny leverets on the counter top

oh, okay then,
he wasn't really - 
he was waiting for me to get him some more parsnip and savoy cabbage and ....

though Wes does spend rather a lot of time infront of the fridge, even half way thru brekky he will make his way over to groom and sleep infront of it, below my tasty selection of fridge magents

I've got rather a nice little collection of magnets going

I have my HUGE one of my shop logo with Arabella on it, the same size as a mouse mat! (remember them?), 
and I have my kissing hares,
and my rainy day hare 
and last years kissing hares calendar (why not?), 
one for a rescue in England with doggies and a deer and an owl and a rabbit on it, 
one for Combat Stress for British soldiers 
one with a fluffy white kitty on it that says 'I know I'm not perfect but I'm so close it scares me'

infact I notice Wes looking at that one more than the others!

a while ago I got some magnets made up of my rainy day hare

they turned out pretty neat

and cos it's valentines day - the day of LOVE  and giving and sharing

I'm gonna give one away! yay! and I will include a postcard of this image too :)

....so, if you'd like the chance of winning this, to adorn your fridge  

then have a look at my new tiny leverets below 
and tell me in the comment section who you went and told about them 

- so you can blog about this giveaway, or tweet it, or FB it, or pinterest it, or tell your mum or bff or bf or gf or bgff or bbff or..... anyway, you get the gist? 
just mention this to someone, somewhere here on earth and let me know in your comment

and in a week or whatevers time, I will let Wes choose the winner

these tiny ornaments are in my shop now

and getting their knapsacks packed and 

getting ready to celebrate easter

and bring some smiles every day

so.....  good luck!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

....there's talk ..

there's talk around the traps that King Conan will be out sometime, and right now they are scouting NZ for locations 


my hero Arnold returns as Conan!

~ thief ~ warrior ~ king~

before Arnold was my hero, there was Conan, my hero

I grew up on Robert E Howard pulp fiction and had every Conan book going, plus all the excellently illustrated comics.
He was a tough, uber masculine, charismatic, handsome and cool dude for sure, living in exciting times and I devoured those books eagerly

and when Conan the Barbarian came out, with Arnold in it, I was in absolute love! 
(though I had already fallen in love with rabbits way before then :)

and, em, yes I do have a little Conan sword all of my own
I bought it just for me, 2 years ago in Norway in a tourist shop in Stavanger, of all places, amongst all the Thor stuff I had been drooling over, until I spotted it!
and now it's on show amongst my ornaments and rabbits and spitfire mug in my glass kitchen cabinets where I can see it all the time
*love love love*

shall be seeing this movie at least 10 times! can't wait! so excited!

Friday, 1 February 2013

i iz no gym bunny

a few weeks ago I received a delightful surprise in the mail ~ from across the pond

a holiday card (American xmas card 'happy holidays') with house bun Mr Mick on it, wearing his beautiful blue scarf 


a calendar for this year, that Jade had mentioned on her blog, featuring the most gorgeous rabbits, 
including her Mr Mick, posing perfectly as Mr May

the rabbits in the calendar are just adorable, or should that be 'abunable' ?
and this pretty lady caught my eye, with her little toy koala peering from behind her

some of my baby hares and my ram looked on in admiration at all the tenderness (after drooling over Mr May first, ofcourse)

and when I looked over the months again (as I had rushed thru to spot Mickey), the bun for January was a little fluffy treasure lying nonchalantly amongst some free weights!

and my heart started to race as I totally love my free weights!!

infact I love them so much that when I first stepped inside my local gym at 14, in Darwin, Australia, I was hooked! 
I took up bodybuilding on the spot, because my hero Arnold Schwarzenegger had done that, and I loved the strict discipline, the 6 day a week/ 2hrs a day routine, and the 'moulding of the clay'. 
The most muscliest biggest hugest man in the gym patiently took my under his wing and wrote me a great programme that I have followed ever since. Thanks Bruce you are the best :)

I was rather the star, and the local paper contacted me for a feature and I got a full page spread. How about that?!

that's not me on the right, that impressive lady was the world's No1 champion Ms Olympia and had quite a few years of serious muscle building under her belt, I was a weaky compared to her!! but I used to push the metal real heavy though
I won a First gold medal for bench pressing 52kg at a body weight of 48kg for under 18s

...anyway, ahem (pulling the tickets off myself), I digress...

a while ago I remember seeing the handsome Mickey wearing his fetching sky blue scarf, and about Jade saying she would post out a greeting card to anyone who wanted one,
so ofcourse I said Yes Please

and in the meantime I began to ruffle up a 'thank you' in readiness....

hey! what's this? blue isn't my colour lady, white is, you know that, and what's those fancy ribbons on the side? I'm not a kitty!! honestly?!

and I made a surprise white hare to go with a tiny hare Jade was having, and called him Kinglet - as in 'little king', because Mr Mick is a very regal, demanding king-like rabbit, and each of my hares come with their own original stories that I muster up, and so.....

Baby Hare Kinglet

One afternoon Kinglet was making her way across the meadow when she heard the rabbits making a big fuss about something. The rabbits usually made a fuss about things, they always seemed to have extra time on their paws and find things to fuss about but today Kinglet thought the fuss was extra loud so she loped over to see what it was they were fussing about. 
One of them, their leader Sir M, had discovered an annoying piece of material that had been left outside his burrow. Infact it had been draping his burrow entrance, imagine that, the cheek of it! So he had tried to pull the pesky thing away but it was too cumbersome for him. 
At first Kinglet wasn't exactly sure what it was because she had never come across something like this before. She had come across picnic blankets, and they were always brightly coloured with stripes and checks and bits of cheese stuck on them, but today, for the first time she saw a thin, unchecked and unstriped blanket with no cheese on it so she said to Sir M (what a strange name she thought!?) that she would drag it back home to show mama and all her friends. 
Ofcourse Sir M agreed, anything to get the offending scrap away from his palace and out of sight! And so Kinglet got to work. It was a bit of a struggle because it got tangled a few times on the thistle bushes and brambles, and none of the lazy rabbits had wanted to help her, but she pulled and pulled and eventually got the whole enormous piece home. Whew! that sure was tiring work she thought as she proudly trailed the treasure behind her, though she noticed her furry feet were filthy from all the purchasing she had had to do! 
Well, mama was impressed and so were all her kindergarten friends because this big thing will indeed come in handy once it has been nibbled and torn into pieces for everyone. Mama said that it was a sheet, she had seen one once, as a baby, a long time ago. So she gave Kinglet a pat on the head and then they took it down to the stream to give it a wash. All the other hares went as well to help out, because it was really a very, very big thing. And when it had been put in the water at the shallows and everyone bounded in to stomp their hind feet on it, it nearly floated away! Picnic blankets usually sunk to the bottom but this sheet stayed near the surface. 
Everyone had such a laugh trying to stomp it clean. However the laughs soon disappeared when it came time to pull it out and dry it off. The mamas all took a side and pulled and dragged and scuffled and, well, you get the picture – they all exerted themselves as it slowly slithered along the rocky bank and up onto the soft grasses. But in no time it was dry, unlike picnic blankets which usually took a few days, sometimes a week. And again, everyone immediately joined in, nibbling it into sections. Even the babies were encouraged to nibble and they found it so funny at first and squealed in delight! It was very easy to pierce and soon all the mamas had a decent snippet to take home. Some of the babies had been naughty and nibbled extra holes in it, they had just been a little zealous, but ofcourse no-one said anything to them. And a few of the pieces were interesting shapes, but again, no-one said anything, the mamas were just happy to have a bit of this. 
Kinglet asked her mama, what will she do with it, and mama said, why, to make a beautiful blanket for sitting on! Wow, how delightful! bleated Kinglet.

Kinglet is looking forward to dozing cosily on your armchair. She wanted to take her special piece of sheet with her but on second thoughts decided not to because she knows that you will have plenty of these sheet things in your airing cupboard and she can pick and choose as she pleases. 
She may even have a quick look at the ones on the beds too, but knows that it's usual human practise to keep the best tucked away nicely in cupboards for that special occasion. Well, she'd like just the one thanks, and she'll have it folded up neatly on her armchair, between the cushions, so that she will look extra pretty on it as she snoozes away. You can do the folding, she's seen how big they are, can you just imagine a tiny hare like her struggling with the folding? Don't be so silly, not even for laughs! 
And she'd like the French doors left ajar a little thanks because mama will be coming by to see her, and so will her friends. 
Besides she will be showing off her new throne to them! Oh, okay, it's not really a throne but to her it will be because it's an extra special place to sit and nap on, and any place that cosy must be a throne! Plus that rabbit friend of hers, Mr M or whatever his name was, had said that he wanted to see what she had done with the scrap, so he will be hopping by too. 
And just before they all turn up can you make sure to refold her throne because there are a couple of small nibbles in it, she couldn't help herself. (And don't even think of inspecting your cushions). What do you mean she has to take care, you are not made of thrones? What kind of way is that to talk to a cute little baby hare? sharp teeth or not?

and here is the picture of the king himself on his own 'makeshift throne' that inspired that story!

what?! you mean that beribboned nest is not for me?! 
not that I really wanted it anyway, what with bows and no white, but that is beside the point 

*furred foot stomping the ground* 
**massive huff attack**
        ....the cheek of it !! ...... when do I ever get anything new? I've never had a cosy bed stitched up just for me! bah! hmmmph!

hmmm, well I'm sorry Wesley, I shall change that this year for sure because I can see that Mickey is really enjoying his new 'throne'

and even Kinglet gets to play in it

but you are right Wesley, it is high time that I rustled up a nice bed made just for you :)

....shall do it as soon as I get back from my gym

I love the free weights gym at Meadowbank, it's the bestest ever, tough, old, worn - no fancy crap, no bright shiny new stuff that makes you your morning cup of tea and toast, just old style hard-core weight training equipment

and I get to train amongst serious athletes who are all really nice lads

I have been back into 'pumping iron' for over a year and a half now and perhaps I am just as muscly as I was way back then, but there won't be any revealing shots cos I don't do bikinis no more
and besides, I'm not a gym bunny, I don't do lycra or leotards or singlets or skin hugging stuffs like that, I wear my old asics trainers, old training pants and scrappy workout Ts that I stitch up myself 
though I do follow the same 2hrs a day / 6 day routine plus I run 2/3km most days, and I can bench reps on 60kg, and decline press 70kg, preacher curl 30kg, concentrated curl 20kgs and I can lift ......

yeah yeah, yadda, yadda, yadda .... hey Annette you still going on about how great you were? I mean, are!?

this is the only type of metal I push around here, this little supermarine spitfire tin
(push with my tongue that is) 
 *lick lick lick*   *lick lick* mmmm

haven't you got a throne, I mean bed, to make?
just get stitching.....

*lick lick* mmmm *lick lick lick* mmm

thank you Jade! Wes and I love the calendar and holiday card!