Monday, 21 January 2013

the Kindness of Strangers

I've been selling my stuff on etsy since 2007 and since then I've seen the etsy community pull together many times to help others in need - there is alot of love on etsy

I was visiting Penny's blog Sparrow Salvage and just read about etsy seller Sandra of Azulado and her 5 year old son, who has just lost her husband at only 40.

Estella from etsy shop Star of the East is having an amazing Raffle to raise funds for her - and there are many beautiful prizes donated (50 prizes) from loving sellers on etsy

including this tender rabbit print by BarbaraSzepesiSzucs

and ofcourse Sandra has beautiful pieces in her own etsy shop too, with everything going to support her and her son.

This beautiful ring reminds me of a slice of carrot and I'm sure that many buns would appreciate being stroked by a hand wearing a carrotty ring :)

and just as beautiful is this orange and light aqua necklace - with many, many delicious carrotty slices
I can see myself getting more licks and kisses from Wesley with this piece of sunshine around my neck!

He is much, much better and eating normal again - thanks so much for everyone's well wishes :)

I really appreciate all the warmth and friendship I have received from the many special friends I have made online, it is heartwarming.
And I am glad to be able to help spread the word for Sandra and her young son, I wish them both much, much love. Thank you Penny, thank you Estella and Esther :)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

there were 2 in the bed & little one said ...

hey! don't roll over missus, 
otherwise you'll have a real-fur hot water bottle cover!!

and for the 3rd day running the tiny beastie crept into my bed and slept needingly beside me

snuggled under the fleece blankets and light blue quilt

with a wet tufty jowl

and crying

and crying

even though a couple days before we had made the delightful trip to our amazing vet Margot, of Dunedin vets,
and he had his tiny pair of (peg) teeth, that grow behind his normal incisors, burred down and an inspection of the chompers

cos I thought that was what was causing the wet tufty furred jowl

and so, after a couple days of traumeel homeopathic pain killers, and lots of fussing, and some treats (no, not chocolate covered kisses from a heart shaped box, just Scottish organic oatcakes), 
and still the crying and midnight-to-dawn bed visits hadn't stopped, 
even though the teethys had been attended to ....

.... we made another journey out to see Margot our amazing vet 

and one anaesthetised zonked-out lagomorph later

Wesley came home minus an infected, loose back molar

...... aaaaaaawwwww :)       poor little bunny   !!!

so, after lots of love and kisses from me

and the tiny hares in the house

my little mister is on the road to full recovery

(and I'm back to the plastic variety hot-water bottles now)