Saturday, 29 December 2012

all ears! Santa came Twice!!

this post is R* rated and not for those under 18 (18cm / 8")(*Racy)

right, now that I have the disclaimer out the way.....

this xmas Santa came not Once, but Twice!
and boy oh boy oh boy - what a lucky girl I was!!!

yeah! jeeez! I thought I heard you right, I hope you're not turning this post into something below the belt?
(and by the way, I am 19cm with ears up...)

well, I have been very well treated this xmas I must say!
Mr S stopped by and I got to rummage around in his well stocked sack, and the presents I pulled out were just delectable, and I was all smiles. 
I got everything I wanted and more - including my favourite Walnut Whips and choc Santas on a stick! yummmmmeeee!

(and I can't see no belt no-where, can you?)
(and being the night owl that I am, I can guarantee that Mr S does indeed look just like his photo above - *drool* check out his sack and diggin' that barb wire tat and sexy smile and ... *sigh*)

huh! watch it there! some drool just landed on my head!

and then yesterday another present tumbled out of Santa's sack!
Beautifully wrapped in soft paper was a white rabbit with pink ears, a dragon card and a small rabbit stamp.

all protected by a card wrapper that had been artfully edged by the sharp teeth of beautiful Amelia from The Qi Papers, the bun on the little stamp.

Right! says Wesley, you have had far too many treats this xmas, it has obviously gone to your head, so I shall be having that pink ears up white rabbit for myself! 
Just place her by my chamois thanks

and so, 
when the small king commands 
I obey!

and what the hell is this? i can't eat this, it's as hard as hell? I like my chews soft. You can have this thing Annette, no good to me

and besides, what rabbit goes about with one ear up, one ear down? 
where's the decisiveness in that? you're either up or down, in or out!

hmmmmph... too much xmas spirit around here

yes indeed, too much, far too much....

and what do you mean? 
all that rabbitness was a winter wishes gift from your good friend Christina of Rabid Tidbits in America? 

You mean that was never in Santa's sack after all? whew! that's a relief, cos his sack  looked kinda small to me....

yup, gotta agree with Wes on that one
...lookin' kinda small once all the yummy presents are out 

*sigh* just had to get another beautiful santa on - ain't they the best ever? 
if only these ones were in the shopping malls instead eh? ....stampede....!

gawd, still at it!
just you wait till Easter missus, I know what the real Easter bunny looks like..... and if you think santa is hot, then boy oh boy are you in for a lil' surprise!

- Thank you heaps Christina!! Wes and I totally love our rabbits, both ears up and one up one down :) xxx

Monday, 24 December 2012

follow your bliss

what better motto than Follow Your Bliss?

I follow this every day, without fail
and the life I lead is blissful beyond measure.

I am surrounded by love and loving people, I am blessed with the adoring company of Wesley and every day I do only what I love to do. 
(and I love everything I do, without exception).

I made some new kits and leverets. Just gotta take some photos and muster up their stories.
I love writing the stories, it's such fun. 
Though sometimes the kits and leverets are not necessarily having fun, but that's what's fun about it all - their foibles, their tiny voices of indignation and perturbation, their mistakes as they grow - and finally learn to follow their bliss...

the other morning I was having breakfast with my visitor. 
I was enjoying an earl grey and a slice of xmas cake ('tis the season :) 
and he had some Burgen bread, (which is pretty delicious as far as good tasting breads go, and in my house the motto 'let them eat cake' only applies to me)

and then, out of the blue, we saw an incredible - and rare - sight 

3 Waxwings flew in!!! 
and had a short rest on the wire thingy opposite my window.
They made some beautiful melodic chirrings and then they were off again!

these striking birds are from Scandinavia and only come to these shores in winter.

so we enjoyed the waxwings and then the postie brought some more visitors from afar!

A beautiful handmade felt card from Shell of Raspberry Rabbits, in America and a polar bear handmade card from Juliet of Crafty Green Poet, here, not so far away, in Scotland. 
Do love my handmade cards!

As I was opening my envelopes Wesley came over and demanded to be stroked. 
And so the little wisps of fur from his nape made their way not on to the carpet as they would most normally do, but instead onto the undecorated xmas tree of Shell's card.

It looks rather appropriate I think and the grey rabbits are pleased.

Every year I treat myself to a lagomorph tree decoration, or two, or three.

And so this adorable hare arrived from Robert at Pavlova and Fox on etsy. 

Last year I bought 4 litter mates from Robert and they live on the fir wreath in my hall year round. Too good to come out only once a year!

The brown hare sat atop my white on white love tree, and looking around the living room, glanced at his brown coat and the snow-white branches, then spied the rustic heart just above him, 
and with a hop, 
decided instead to reside there!

so much happiness here.... much bliss...

now, how 'bout following this white rabbit and go bring me some dried carrots Santa, er, I mean Annette

Happy Xmas and may santa be good to you all!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

adorable :)

such an adorable xmas ad, so magical!

yes I would like two of them on my tree too thanks, and I would like real snow on my real fir tree :)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

whiter than snowwhite

yesterday as I drove home from my gym I saw a really exciting sight - xmas trees are up! 

so as soon as I got home I rustled around in my cupboard and pulled out my Everlasting

then I did what I normally do when faced with a bare tree

I stared and looked and stared and glanced and pondered and...

well, you get the idea?

so this morning as I was having my breakfast cuppa I looked at my adorable little wooden white love hearts, and I thought...

why not?

a white on white love tree :)

and 10 minutes later - voila!

2 of my white ornament hares (my own :) and a few hearts and a few loves and a perfectly beautiful tree!

it was snowing in Edinburgh the other night. It's been a little bit chilly lately, down to -4 even! and highs of 3 degrees C (just now it's 3deg at 3pm)

So how about turning the heat up?

I put a couple new cards into my etsy shop - 'you're The One'

because no matter the weather, love transcends all degrees

and if you got your eye on a crush, 

then make a move, life it too short to hold back

so discreetly leave your number on this card - 'your Burrow or Mine?'

and you might not even need to put the heating on, -4 or not!