Saturday, 5 May 2012

Rules of Happy Marriage

a couple of years ago I made up a series of 10 aceo collages and put them in my etsy shop

They were all based on a paper clipping I had of '10 rules for a happy marriage'. 
Anyway, as with all things and the creation of art, I procrastinated about producing them as a set of 10, and I wasn't keen on making collage after collage of the same images (besides my collages all use scraps of images and papers and my goodness - where would I get all the same bits and pieces??!) and I wanted it to be 'just right', so with some help from Photoshop I finally got the 'just right' right - and got around to printing my set last month and - 

my Rules for Happy Marriage is now available in my etsy shop as a Set of 10 Postcards!

1) Always Tell the Truth

so they turned to each other and whispered lovingly 'I will always love you forever and ever..'.

2) Love, goodwill, wisdom and understanding are absolutely required

so they put the kettle on and make a lovely pot of tea. Priceless likes his tea black with a red flower and Evdokia prefers a touch of milk with a red flower. Together they share their hearts and minds.

3) A sense of humour is quite necessary

In bed that night Priceless felt a pea under the quilts then noticed Evdokia’s head pop up! Good grief he laughed – I thought you were a pea. Evdokia quietly whispered – my darling, don’t you mean a peach! 

4) Respect each other and each other’s desire for privacy

On day 1 of their Swiss honeymoon they spent a relaxing afternoon frolicking amid the wild flowers. Priceless realized that Evdokia had disappeared when suddenly her beautiful face poked thru a hay stack. I shall just be a minute, she smiled, I have matters to attend.

5) Be tolerant – outward appearances are often deceptive

At dinner that night in the exclusive 5 star hotel Priceless had to bite his tongue. Evdokia, looking resplendent in her reindeer sweater and pearls, suddenly brought out a bib - and before you knew it, jumped into the middle of the salad and proceeded to stuff her face!  my, my!

6) Be patient: it is foolish to fuss about small things

Evdokia had been watching the seconds fly past, tapping her hind leg impatiently, wondering where Priceless was. A few minutes later, exhausted, she was fast asleep. When Priceless came in he smiled lovingly at his princess, he saw she had been fussing! He quietly slipped a small velvet jewelry box under her pillow then carried her over to bed.

7) Never let the sun set on your anger, no matter what may happen during the day: never forget the goodnight kiss

Priceless pulled Evdokia close then kissed her nose, eyelashes, whiskers, chin and furry pink mouth. Sleep well, he whispered, and forget about the slug in the salad, we saw it just in time and in future I’ll wash the leaves more thoroughly. Yes, she replied, not cross at all now.

8) Avoid self-consciousness and false pride. Both are stumbling blocks on the road to married happiness

Priceless was in a daze, transfixed by the sparkly jewels around him, making his appearance even more attractive (he thought). Suddenly he looked up and saw something far more beautiful than anything he had ever seen – his wife Evdokia!

9) Remember that marriage is a game that must be played on a 50-50 basis: in other words, give and take, bear and forbear

Evdokia was following the rules better and making sure not to use 5th gear but she had already burnt out the handbrake. Thank goodness Priceless was finally catching up! This driving slow was proving very hard for a natural like her and she wanted him to at least win once.

10) Always be companionable and do not forget to smile – this is of vital importance

After their long bicycle trip from Switzerland to Paris (they were reducing their carbon pawprint as much as possible), their bums ached and ached! However, the photos will be in the album for ever and always so they both managed to squeeze a wry smile each! Such is love!

The Rules were written by Rev. Louis A. Ewart, vicar of Earls Barton in Northamptonshire one month before Queen Elizabeth II was married. How appropriate, and sweet!

Perhaps he never thought that two small rabbits would be following his words of advice?

On the back of every postcard I have printed the rabbits conversation, so if they are being popped in the posted individually to your honey, then the discourse on the back will bring a warm smile

Plus each postcard is done in an 'over-size' stamp sort of style (the edges don't all line up and are not perfect, but then again, all my art is made just the way I like it - as not-perfect :)

and if you are giving them as a gift in a set, then the recipient will receive them in this lovely thick cream coloured envelope with my cut outs of Priceless and Evdokia adhered to the front along with a scrap of paper announcing the Rules.

and inside will be ...

the 10 cards and the 10 scrap bits of paper with the rules and the rabbits conversations, plus a bit on the back leaf about it all

and the nice thing about giving the pack is that the happy couple can display the cards and words where ever they please, how ever they please, to suit their home decor and sensibilities 

(framed ornately? cork board? left under the pillow to bring a smile? with breakfast in bed? on the fridge? in your journal? ...the possibilities are mind boggling!)

- and as long as they look at them and abide by the pertinent advice

they will indeed have a happy marriage

I am pretty pleased with the set, it turned out really well and the buns look real neat!

plus I love these rules. There is love, respect and equality in them.

I reckon all happy relationships, whether sealed with a metal band or not, need those qualities to survive, thrive and prosper.

But if I had to choose just one rule - it would be no2 - LOVE is absolutely required, and essential :)

~ so, not just for newly weds, wedders-to-be, or dreamers, but also for those reaffirming their love to each other and those who need only love to bond them to each other 
*sigh* all so romantic!

Rules of Happy Marriage - here :)