Saturday, 14 January 2012

...not naked pinky things like you humans have ...

.... got you all thinking there have I?

blame it all on my latest mama hare Majestic!

I had a few hares made but not storied, so I put them in my etsy shop the other day (only a few left still to go on) and one sold within hours!

cripes! whether I like it or not my creative story telling juices had better start flowing!

so, a couple of mugs of earl grey later .....

Mother Hare Majestic

Ever since Majestic was tiny she has spent days and days away exploring the mountains and glens and forests. At first she was scolded by her mama for staying out in the open overnight, and returning home shortly after dawn, cold, bleary eyed, tufty furred and tired, but when mama realized that her leveret was not going to change she then helped Majestic prepare for her longer trips away.

Together they went over the most nutritious snacks at different altitudes and where the best place for shelter would be in bad weather. Mama knew a lot infact and Majestic was so happy to have such a good teacher.

And one day she asked mama, suspiciously, whether mama herself had not been a similar wayward baby out exploring and learning? Why ofcourse I was, replied mama, with a small smile, but she told her baby that she was also taught well by her mama about the best foods to eat, what animals were not friendly to hares and how to read the weather. And now she was passing this important knowledge down to her, as Majestic would also do for her own babies. Well, on hearing this Majestic wrinkled her small nose and pouted a little – babies! she cried, I’m not having babies mama! and mama gave another small smile as they went over to look at some appealing but dangerous red berries.

Well, many, many moons later it turned out to be true – Majestic was just not into babies and whenever any of her friends tried to bundle their little swaddled loads on to her for some leveret-sitting duties she made sure to hot foot it out of there fast! But as the babies got bigger and started to explore Majestic could see them eyeing her as she went off on her treks, and then they would be at the edge of the glade, pretending to play an interesting game, on her return. Only to abandon the ball or book or toy when she loped past them.

Soon she was being asked in very small voices ‘can I come too’? because the smaller the voice the more daring and forward the question. The older babies at least had a little social decorum about themselves but the tiny ones, well, they just to wanted to join in the fun! And anything outside the perimeter of the glade had to be more fun, much more fun, because to the inexperienced danger always meant fun.

So, slowly, over time, Majestic found herself being aunty-chaperone to one or two, or three or four little leverets. With their mother’s permission ofcourse! And her treks away were now teaching excursions with lots of laughter and annoyance and hindrance and amusement, as babies can only be! And her treks were beginning to be booked up months in advance, and the other mothers were already planning for their youngest’s first outing, and we are talking about unborn youngests here!

Majestic is looking forward to resting cosily on your armchair by the French doors. They have to be left ajar at all times mind, as she will out first thing before dawn and home late in the evening. And if she has a trip on she won’t be back for a day or two or three, depending on the age of the youngest in the group and how far their tiny legs will take them.

Plus she will also have to take some supplies with her so she’ll need access to your kitchen and store room too, and cookie jar as well, and on her return she loves nothing better than to have her sore feet rubbed. So make sure you have an hour free a few times a week thanks.

And she hopes you know how to massage furred hare feet. It’s not just rub rub here and there, oh no, it’s a learned and intricate process where the tendons and tiny muscles are warmed and stretched and cajoled into relaxing and letting go. If you have no idea about any of this then please ask her mama to stop by and show you the ropes.

And put those pots of balms and crèmes away, goodness me! this is furred feet we are talking about here, not naked pinky things like you humans have! And just keep one last thing in mind – yes, hare feet are sensitive and ticklish too, so if you get booted to the other side of the room as you are rubbing away then please don’t take it personally okay! You would have tweaked a nerve that’s all.

and, er, Majestic has packed her bags already and is off to Australia on Monday!

but before she goes I promised her one last foot massage, as long as I don't get booted to the other side of the room - it really hurt last time!

Friday, 6 January 2012

a smile & a thank you to my papa

... because he introduced me to the book 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne a few years ago.
It's a positive book about bringing good things to your life.
And on their website is this uplifting video - I hope it makes you smile -

my papa is smiling! (on holiday in Norway - what's not to smile about?!)

and one day, just over a year ago, when I was waiting to collect my papa at Glasgow airport, his plane was late coming in and by chance I went to the book kiosk (after I had my Starbucks earl grey and lemon + poppy seed muffin in my hand ofcourse) and amazingly came across Rhonda's latest book 'The Power'.
Well, if I hadn't fully understood The Secret, I certainly did after I read The Power. It is the key to unlocking the Secret and really the icing on the cake.
There are few things handed to you on a platter in life, but these 2 books are just that.

Ofcourse, as with time and books they lay on the self gathering dust like any good book should until the time is right for you to be able to accept and understand their contents ...

... my copies have recently been dusted off ....

My papa knows my taste in books which is really great because this xmas I got just what I wanted (without putting an order in to santa! how about that?!)

I got a War Stories comic style book - love these stories and I really like the pictures, plus the verbal expressions always make me smile. Plus they are just like the war sea story novels that I adore, by Hammond Innes, Desmond Bagley, Alistair McLean and Douglas Reeman.

I think perhaps I may have been a soldier in WWII :)
and er, yes, I am a tomboy and always have been!

and I also got a concise book on tanks and armoured fighting vehicles of the world!
now for a soldier who loved identifying military hardware, this is just the type of present that made me drool and my heart beat faster!

and my dad also had another gem for me - Spitfire Women of WWII
these were the women pilots who moved the war planes to where the airmen could fly them off to battle.
I have yet to read the book but it looks so exciting, and it's all true!
loving that faded front cover and those ladies in their uniforms.

The spitfire was the greatest British warplane of WWII

I got myself a little diecast spitfire off ebay (where else?) and I also got a plastic one to be glued together. It came with a paper instruction sheet that has amazing images of the plane - too nice to keep folded up!

many thanks dad for the great reads and the inspiration!

my dad has his own maintenance management consultancy PT Maintama Servisindo Mandiri based in Indonesia and I upkeep his website for him (I designed it too and write all the html code stuff, a bit dinosaurish but it functions well). It's good to have an entrepreneurial pop, especially because my etsy shop is my tiny bit of entrepreneurialism ....

so when he comes over to Scotland for a holiday he likes to meet up with his good friend, have a wee dram and talk about 'the one that got away'

ofcourse Hugh's catch/toss-the-fish-back was 'this much bigger'

hmmm, funny, I'm just wondering here - neither of them fish! but they do like golf and a whisky


Monday, 2 January 2012

HNY and all that pizazz ....

Wesley woke up on xmas morning with a mirror image -

Wesley x 2

Uh? what's this? a joke??!

I don't share my carrots with no-one, 'specially not a white fluffy eagle eyed lump like that!
Cripes - he's trying to stare me down!!

My little beastie got a xmas present mirror image.
Just what we all need eh? a double to face the world with?
this white lion is Wes's xmas pressie and I'm happy to report that there has been no fighting by the food bowl (yet)

and these little hares with grey and blue eyes will be in my etsy shop very, very soon - they weren't keen on waiting around for the lion to decide that infact, he didn't like carrots after all ....

have a great 2012!
Wes and I wish you all the very best in love, happiness, joy, good fortune and er, what ever is on your wishlist!