Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Gratitude ~ from my heart

Arabella enjoyed some beautiful warm sun today as it streamed in our windows.
(a big deal when you live in cloudy Scotland :)

That's the good thing about having a south facing home - you get all the natural warmth,
though this flat was built over 100 years ago with huge chunks of stone, and that has a tendency to keep the rooms rather on the chilly side.

but today was a good day
she enjoyed some treats

~ Arabella is fine, she stumbles every now and then, I have made changes so she can get around easier, but she still has plenty of joie de vivre in her

I am blessed to have her

and blessed to have this little preener rascal too!

Wes is a love bug and an inquisitive chap, he loves nothing more than just sharing the same room with me, coming over for kisses and massages and every time he flops right over in happiness with his furry mouth up to the stars (well, er, the chandelier!)

I've been so lucky with my buns and have alot to be thankful for.
Many of their traits I use in my baby hare stories. They have opened their hearts to me and shared much and for that I am very grateful.

And I'm so grateful as well to Amelia Kinkade the gifted animal communicator. When I was still grieving the loss of my precious house bun Burns from Australia (yes, it took me many, many years to get over the loss), I came across Amelia one day, read her books, attended her workshop and my life changed for the better.

I can honestly say that reading her books and meeting her has made me the writer I am today, putting myself in their little furred paws and writing as I do thru the wonderous yet mischievous eyes of the baby hares and squirrels and rabbits and ....
Thank you from my heart Amelia!!

yeah! yeah! enough of the waffling Ms Tait - let's hear another story then! says Arabella

..... well, if the Princess asks - the Princess gets! ....

Baby Hare Flame

Flame is a friendly baby and always gets on well at the playgroup. Most days he is happily ensconced in tasks by himself but occasionally he can be seen making his way to the edge of the meadow with a small group of other babies. Mama could see that he was developing well and would have very little psychological problems when he grew up, however, it was not the case! One day half way thru playgroup he came home in tears, sobbing! and mama asked what was wrong? well, he choked, the other babies had been taking it in turns to lead the group and he had been happy to tag along and do what they wanted but when it came to his shot then none of them had wanted to do his thing! He was so upset, especially after spending all those afternoons following them around, and truthfully, not really wanting to do half of it! I mean, who really would want to dig up every mole hill mound they came across? Or nibble the bottom of the stalks holding harvest mouse’s growing family? No, he was not happy. Well, mama took him under her wing and said that sometimes in life you do these things and it makes you realize that that is not the type of hare you want to be – it shows you who you really are, so those lessons had been invaluable and should be prized. aah! little Flame lit up, his eyes sparkling – how clever mama was! Then he wondered to himself, had mama been just like him when she was tiny?

Little Flame is looking forward to sitting cosily on your shelf. He will choose the spot thanks, now that he is happy to follow his own path and ofcourse he will have small demands of particular bedding and pillows. Plus you must leave the window ajar so that he can make daily trips to visit mama, because he loves her and she has good advice. And he wants to hear more advice from her. You are welcome to spend as much time as you wish with Flame but remember, he will be doing his own thing now, so you will have to be the one who fits in. However, one day he may let you decide what activity you will be doing, but mind, no stomping on mole hills or snipping stalks – he has a caring heart. And no sulking either if you don’t get your way!

.... aaw! that was nice!
hey! c'mon, no staring! - what's a little bit of treat stuck to your lower lip eh? a crime now-a-days? sheesh!

Arabella wants to remind everyone that my Hare Give Away has 2 more days left!
Love to win baby hare Fraoch or mama hare Elegance?

make sure to leave a comment and suggestion HERE then thanks!
and Good Luck!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

... fretting ...

often alot of the fodder for my stories comes from my own experience.
Ofcourse like any good writer I do my research, but I find that if I get my facts right (as right as can be, thanks wikipedia) and write from experience then I think I may fare quite well. Because I hope that the zillions of mistakes I have made in life are not just privy to me, but to alot of you out there. And I find that life is made up of a lot of mistakes.
Some people would call them learning experiences, and that you never stop learning. And I have to agree, that is true. And I think that is the optimistic approach.

So, when I worry about this and that (all those things outwith my control) I prefer to call it fretting, and hopefully that sounds more optimistic than worrying!

Baby Hare Frett (on the left, at the back, because she was a little worried about being at the front)

Frett is a very beautiful little hare but her mama noticed early on that she furrowed her brows a lot and tended to have many small worries. Most of the babies go thru insecurity phases, and the vast majority of them quickly grow out of these phases, but small Frett seems to be still absorbed in them. First of all she used to worry a lot about mama being away from the nest. Not worried about her next meal though, unlike nearly all the other babies, nope, instead she was worried about mama’s safety, and waiting for mama to come back safely to her. And almost always envisioning a fox or hungry wolf out there meeting mama on the path home. Only when mama had her in her arms could little Frett relax. And it was rather a big burden on her tiny shoulders, all this worry. Mama spent extra time with Frett, and took her on many confidence building outings, but still there were the daily insecurities. So, as with all small worriers, there is really nothing that anyone can do, except wait it out, over the years, for them to stop worrying so much. And ofcourse telling them often that everything is fine and all will be okay. Ofcourse that may seem to go down well with Frett and the other babies like her, but don’t be fooled by appearances. Inside she is all a tizz and doesn’t believe a word you are saying, no matter how reassuring you are and how genial her small smiles are as she peers back up at you. There is probably nothing that could quell her unease, but she has been giving it some thought though, since it takes up such a large part of her day – all these thoughts that flit into her mind from dark little places. She was thinking it may be good to have a radio signal to mama at all times. That way she can talk away and ask questions and have natters and what nots as mama goes about her daily activities away from the nest. Mama said that would be a very good idea but she’s not sure what radio would have a very, very long distance signal and how it would fare in different stormy weathers and whether it would be waterproof. Well upon hearing all that Frett had the biggest furrow on her brows ever! But mama gave her a smile and said she was only joking! and that jokes are good – jokes help to lighten the load of worries. Frett let out a little sigh of relief and agreed with mama.(Though she didn’t really find it very funny at all). But she was still very keen on the radio link and would ask around if anyone knew about such a probability. She was sure there would be someone out there who knew all about radio signals and frequencies and terrain and reliability ….

Frett is looking forward to sitting safely on your shelf, surrounded by snuggly things to keep her from worrying too much. She would like the window open as well so that mama can come often to visit. She would also appreciate that radio link please, so when you find out all about it please make sure that you acquire at least 3 radios. One for her, one for mama and one for you. (You can control the frequencies and all that high tech stuff – she’s not into that side of things, thanks). She needs to be in touch with those closest to her at all times. And when you are going out for the day and come in to give her her daily kisses – you know the usual kisses you give – well, she would like you to secretly tell her how long you will be away for so she doesn’t get too worried in your absence. So if you are going out for 5 days, er, hours, then she would need another 5 kisses more, so she doesn’t fret too much. An hour feels like a day to her that’s all! Just so, so long waiting for you!! Now you will make sure and do that won’t you? Frett will be able to relax so much more. Well, er, only a tad bit more.

Wesley hasn't been worrying too much. He's a kind of relaxed chap and takes every day as it comes, always acting very laid back.

Unless ofcourse there is something tasty around!

Then he dashes over for a nibble and an investigation.
Here he is sharing Arabella's clover, grass and carrot tops. The novelty wore off for Arabella after a few nibbles so the tub of treats is now is Wes's room.
But, er, after 3 days it wore off on him too! (too much of a good thing?)

So now I have salad garnish for every day!

I have been fretting about Arabella, ofcourse. With her spondylosis.
But now we are both taking every day as it comes and enjoying every day as much as possible with back massages, kisses and very, very gentle cuddles.
I have been truly blessed to have her in my life and she is a beautiful, graceful companion.
She is on a few homeopathic painkillers (Traumeel) every day, so I'm hoping that on very painful days they are working enough.

Arabella, though, still has plenty of get up and go in her. She grooms, eats and seeks attention just as much as always!

~ and she wants to remind you that the hare give away is still on - until the end of this month!
Please take the time to enter and leave a comment of where you would expect to find my hare stories for sale in your bookshop (or elsewhere).
Good luck and thanks!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Mama Hare Elegance & Baby Hare Fraoch GIVE AWAY .... comes with strings ...

Would you like to WIN one of my mama hares or baby hares?

Mother Hare Elegance and Baby Hare Fraoch (on the left) will be looking for loving new forever homes by the end of June

~ strings .... ?

Well, now that I've written over 300 small stories I will be publishing a book. I would love to be 'published' officially but in the meantime I shall diy them myself and sell them on etsy, (as everyone is now-a-days)

so to enter the Give Away I have 2 requests ...

.... but first you have to read my stories ....

Mother Hare Elegance

Elegance can usually be found amongst the flowers most days teaching the babies all about colour, texture, scent and taste. The babies all love their lessons with her and the does go home with tiny flowers behind their ears, whilst the boys prefer daisy chain bracelets, though a couple have a penchant for the behind the ear flowers too. Elegance has always been fascinated by blooms and remembers back to when she was tiny and her mama would take her into the glade to help with the gardening. Now she takes her babies down to the garden with her too, but after school, mind you, as learning is important. The garden is still there, as beautiful as ever and forest dwellers from all over come to view it. Some have even been forbidden to walk inside, because they were caught browsing the petals once, tut tut! Just as well there were witnesses, otherwise it would have been bad news for everyone with the gates closed to all! Now Elegance has added so many exciting species to the range and every year waits in anticipation for the strong spring sun to give life to the newcomers. And she is never disappointed! Her classes are booked out seasons in advance and even in winter the baby hares are down in the glade, poking and prodding and smelling the resilient berries and winter buds. There are always quite a few winged visitors too, but that’s fine, Elegance planted lots of berry bushes for the migrating thrushes and waxwings. They add colour to all the reds and russets of the season. Every evening she leaves the glade with a freshly picked bloom and places it gently on the forest edge for her mama’s spirit to see.

Elegance is looking forward to arranging your flowers and she hopes that you have plenty of vases on hand. She will be spending some time out in the garden selecting the best blooms and leaves so would appreciate an open door at all times. There is no need to use any flower food stuff as she will be snipping the stems at just the right angle to make sure they will last. And don’t worry about the water drips over the floor, they will dry up in no time at all! Would you like to help with the preparations by any chance? Those thorns have to be removed from the rose stems – but mind your pinkies!

Baby Hare Fraoch

Fraoch is a very pretty little hare and she just loves her name. It was so different to everyone else’s and really suited her well. Though not everyone can pronounce it the proper way, but she doesn’t mind as it gives her a chance to explain the real way to do it, and that’s always interesting because nearly everyone looks up to the sky when she’s explaining. Perhaps the clouds help them with the pronunciation? Though the more times she explains it, the easier it is becoming and instead of taking a full leaf shadow of talking time it is only taking a half leaf shadow now! Then there is the part of where the name comes from and that’s exciting too! Fraoch points to the beautiful deep pinky bits on her fur and says that her mama named her after the Scottish heather, the most beautiful flower of Scotland. Heather gives the sweetest honey and makes the prettiest mountains and, she goes on, pointing to her glistening areas of white, white fur – the rarest of heathers are white and she has lots of white on her! And, she says, heather is a very beautiful but hardy Scottish plant and sometimes it has double flowers – now that’s rather rare in flowers (she thinks). The other babies all know this, as do their mothers and the visiting deer and the birds and the butterflies and the slugs. Infact Fraoch has been talking to just about everyone and she is always on the lookout for someone new who hasn’t heard the story of her name or doesn’t know what heather is.

Fraoch is looking forward to a lovely spot on your bookshelf though she would like the window left open so that she can go out and let new folks know about her name and its origin. There will be new hares and birds and snails and my goodness, so many to tell! And because Fraoch will be your forever baby hare you have to know how to pronounce it just right too, so that you can tell all your friends. Then Fraoch will retell it the proper way when she meets them all later. You do want to know how to pronounce it properly don’t you? Well, it’s the ending part that is fun. In Scottish the ‘ch’ is pronounced ‘hikh’ with the tongue near the roof of the mouth, producing a soft but strange sounding growl. Like when the humans are sawing some of the freshly cut apple branches for their wild hare and rabbit visitors to eat. So you have to ‘hikh’ and ‘hikh’ until you get it just right. And then the ‘a’ and ‘o’ is said ‘oooo’ – exactly the same noise you make when you first see my very beautiful coat! Fr .. oooo .. hikh!

Mother Hare Winter

Winter loves the crisp weather and grey days and no matter how nippy it gets she just doesn’t seem to feel the cold at all. And she doesn’t have the plushest of coats either as one would expect with a cold climate lover. She is sleek and beautiful and lean. When she was a baby her mama had spent many days worrying about her as she raced off on the bitterest mornings to play amongst the frost and snow, but she always came home happy and filled with tales. Now she goes thru the same worries as her mama did when her own babies race off to do exactly the same as she once did. Winter makes sure to join in their games with them, ofcourse, and the game they love the best is hide and seek. No one wants to be the seeker, they all love hiding, so Winter usually gets that job. Not that she minds though, and being so rather white and fitting in perfectly to those snowy days, she has taken a few of the youngsters by surprise as she manages to sneak right up on them! There have been many shrieks of disappointment! Winter always makes sure that the babies get a good wash down after coming in from the cold. The first thing she does is give her feet a good clean – those big furry pads can hold any manner of material so she licks vigorously away until they are fluffy and shiny. The babies all copy her and in no time at all their miniscule furry pads are just as spik. Well, er, most of them are – Winter usually has to go over a few of them with her own tongue. Usually in two scriffs they are done as her tongue is so big. And after the bath and the games they are always exhausted so Winter tucks them into bed and finishes off the day with a bedtime story. There are always cries for a Baby Hare Tailes of Adventure Story. A while ago Winter bought the book online at etsy, she was attracted to the front cover of a mama hare fondly reading to her baby in bed, and thought it would be just perfect for her own ones. And she’s not one to judge a book by the cover, but she is very delighted that it is as special inside as it is out. She bought the Full Moon version, a story a night for a whole moon, to see if her babies liked it, and my goodness! they love it! There are always cries for that night’s story to be repeated!

Winter is really looking forward to dozing comfily on your arm chair with a view to the garden. She would love the door open please so that she can go out anytime to join in the fun with the youngsters. In wintertime it is imperative that the door still be left ajar, she will going out to play those exciting search games. And if it’s too cold for you in the house then make sure to close your indoor doors then, after all, play is important in a babies upbringing, and er, probably more important in an adults! Besides it will take the house no time to warm up again. And if you fashion your rooms akin to a burrow style then you will see the beauty of always having an open door and a snug interior. Would you like to come out and play as well? You are most welcome to be the seeker, to give Winter a rest! Just mind and be careful where you tread with your big feet because the hares really do blend into the bushes and shrubs well and the last thing anyone needs is a fright of being trodden on. On second thoughts it may be best if you don’t do the seeker, you can be a hider. Just make sure to wear some dull blending in clothes. And no complaining if a tiny hare’s foot should step on yours. It will just feel like a feather falling, honestly!

Oryx is awfully proud of her long svelte ears and spends a good part of the day grooming them. The other babies are afraid to groom for so long lest the fur disappear or their tongues wear out, but Oryx has no such fear. She licks and preens and nibbles and smoothes endlessly. She asked mama if it was okay to groom for so long and mama said yes, ofcourse, groom until you have had enough, but, she added, make sure to make time for supper though because if you don’t eat you will not have the energy to groom. And make sure to attend your classes because if you don’t learn then you will miss out on important facts that you need to know to assist with your daily sessions. And, finally mama added, make sure to set aside time for playing rough and tumble with the other babies because if you get a little disheveled then you will appreciate your grooming efforts all the more so. Well, well, thought Oryx, as she took this in. She sure had a lot to do to help make her ears the very best of all. And she had already done a little reading in class, she hadn’t been ignoring all her lessons. A while ago she’d seen a picture of an Arabian Oryx, a beautiful antelope with a name the same as hers (were they sisters?) and with such long, long curved ears. The ears had spirals in them and not a strand of fur was visible, plus they didn’t flop in the slightest and nearly touched the antelope’s back. Now those were the type of ears Oryx was aiming for in all her grooming sessions. She managed to secretly tear the picture out of the class book and it was stuck proudly above her bed. Oryx was sure to have the best ears ever!

Oryx is looking forward to a comfy spot on your bookshelf, but there must be plenty of room for her picture of her antelope friend as that will inspire her to keep learning, eating, playing and grooming. Not necessarily in that order, goodness! It would grooming first, then er, the other three in no particular order. You will be welcome to watch her groom. It’s a very specific skilled task and maybe one day she will let you help her. You could hold the mirrors. Best to see a few angles at once. Just make sure to keep your hands steady at all times please. She doesn’t want to blame you for her having a hair out of place. You do love long svelte ears don’t you?

Baby Hare Mousa

Mousa is a very pretty baby with the darkest blue eyes ever seen on a hare. Blue eyes are very rare indeed and a few of the other babies wondered whether she was really a hare, surely she wasn’t? Well, Mousa was very hurt to hear this and went crying to mama, asking if she was indeed a hare? Ofcourse you are, whispered mama, stroking tiny Mousa’s long ears and long, long eye lashes. Mousa felt a little better after hearing mama say that, but she was still hurt and didn’t want to play with other hares any more. She decided that she needed to find some new friends so she went into the forest edge amongst the trees. And soon she was scampering along the lowest branches and in amongst the shrubbery bushes with her very new pals. She was a lot bigger than them but felt so happy and right at home. And not once did they mention her very blue eyes, they just accepted her for who she was. Mousa was pretty glad about this and even though she was rather curious about their extraordinary long tails, not once did she ask them where those things came from. A few times as they ran along the branches Mousa nearly lost her footing, and had trodden on those tails, causing the owner to be flicked up into the air and pulled back onto Mousa’s rather large foot. Gosh that was scary, and er, a little funny. Then they all laughed and showed her how to patter along those tree arms safely, but Mousa noticed that they were using their tails for balance and occasionally grasping on! That was cheating she said! Then she stretched her thin fluffy little white stump out behind her and felt for balance.

Mousa is looking forward to dozing on your shelf. She doesn’t mind how high up the shelf is as she is now a very good climber and may even make it to the top. She would appreciate a soft pillow though, infact maybe a few pillows as her friends will be coming along too to keep her company. So make sure to leave the window open a tiny bit for them, plus Mousa will be going out to play every day in the forest as well. You are welcome to come too. But on second thoughts maybe that’s not such a good idea. She is sure the branches will snap like twigs under your weight and goodness knows what would happen to the little tails if you were to tread upon them! Perhaps you would like to be a substitute tree? Now that would be fun!

and Juliet's baby hare Anoushka, here saying hello to Arabella, who is receiving many cuddles from Juliet!
(Juliet is a poetess, and her hare Anoushka is a budding poetess!)

Anoushka is a delicate but fearless youngster and has been in quite a few tussles already. And not all of her own making. Being so fearless means she won’t let anyone push her around and has ended up with tufts of fur out of place. Usually she was picked on by the naughtier bigger babies because she loves to spend her time with her nose in poetry books, and not just reading but writing too. But some of the other babies had been making fun of her, what with her being so bookish, especially regarding the poetry, because not all of them could understand the imagery or emotions, but it was perfect for Anoushka. Her mama said that she should never worry about what others say, and just be herself, and ofcourse, hit the bullys back! (she showed her a few good moves with her hind legs). She’s been reading up all about haiku, and it’s so very complicated but she just can’t be bothered with all the rules so she scribbles away with her own thoughts and verses and is usually pleasantly surprised with how they turn out. She can never find enough scraps to write on so she has taken to writing all over books that she comes by at the edges of the fields. Humans forget them when they come for picnics and they get mislaid under the blankets, so she has a little collection going. Anoushka remembers the very first time she read a poem.

‘Salt in the air, over crashing waves, clouds,

escaping the sunshine, greyness, same colour as the salt’

No idea who wrote it, or what type it was, but it was like a breath of fresh air to her and she knew from that instant that she was going to be a poetess. So she has been observing as much of life as she can so that she can write her own poems. Her very first one still surprises her a bit.

‘Angry leverets, biting my ears, very painful,

so I kicked back, hard, now I wasn’t angry’

Anoushka is looking forward to relaxing on a special shelf amongst your poetry books. She hopes you don’t mind if she transcribes verses in them from other places? or makes her own notes along the margins? Why else would they have made so much space in books if not for this purpose? And she is also keen for a little dozing off in cosy spots, so if you find her burrowed into your organic quilt and sheets then you’ll know that she is very happy. Sometimes she gets nightmares about the bullying and likes to chew the covers to pacify herself. She hopes you don’t mind if you come home and discover a few holes or shreds in them. They are only covers after all, and what’s so precious about that? As long as there is enough of them left to go over you it should all be okay eh? Besides, what with being organic means that she isn’t going to get sick as she works away on them.

... and now that you have read thru some of my stories ..(did you??)
you will see that they are not written for children
~ but for adults
as they all carry some small wisdoms in them
though they will delight children too ofcourse I am sure

so to enter the give away the 2 strings are

1. - (yawn) please FOLLOW my blog (knew I'd say that eh??)

2. - where you would you expect to find my book in your local bookshop?
(and I know it may be seen as a children's book, but I would love to hear your opinions on this one please, maybe a new genre? or self help? or something... please be specific)

(2 prizes - 2 winners)
many thanks and Good Luck!
ends on - end of June

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Love - is the only thing that matters

my precious little sweetheart has been thru a few storms in the last 2 years

in the last year she has had 3 operations to remove aggressive cancerous tumours on her mammary area - even though she is Spayed!

and even though she is getting lots of mother nature's natural foods to help improve her immune system

the last operation was on Friday and she was just exhausted after it

she is a real fighter

but Margot our vet is the best ever, and is so, so good with her

and about 2 years ago her back legs began to get stiff and sore,
so during her operation last week Margot took xrays

and after the operation when I came to take my tiny bundle away,

she told me the sad news -

it was not arthritis as we both thought, but instead

Arabella has spondylosis,

which has no cure
and will only get worse, causing bone growths to come off each vertebrae which are already very visible on the xray
and trapping the nerves in the spine and causing severe pain

so I've been trying to keep a happy face for her

my cherished little ball of fur
whom I rescued in 2005 after the horrid life she had had

and we live every day with LOVE
lots of LOVE, endless love

because after all else, love is the only thing that really matters, and I know that now

Arabella has nothing but dignity and she wants to say that every rabbit, everywhere, deserves love and kisses every day