Sunday, 29 November 2009

Interview - Meet Karen - Buckeye House Rabbit Society Volunteer

I have been helping the Buckeye House Rabbit Society with their fundraising by letting people know about their great Holiday Raffle that is on and the super prizes you can win. Cheques postmarked by 1st December for US tickets and tickets by paypal on their website will still be available for another week.

One of the great things about supporting a rescue is getting the know the dedicated people behind the scenes, without which the rescue would be unable to do it's life saving work.

I had the privilege of asking Karen Salvagno who runs their Gift Shop and does emergency fostering a few questions.
Thank you very much Karen!

Richland, now well after his ordeal.

You look after the Buckeye House Rabbit Society online Gift Shop and also foster rabbits for them. How did you first get started?

About 11 years ago, I got my first Holland Lop from a co-worker who was getting out of the breeding business and was giving them away. I really didn't know anything about rabbits and looked on the internet to find out some information.
This is when I discovered Buckeye House Rabbit Society. I joined shortly after finding them.
Then about a year later, I volunteered to take care of the online gift shop when another volunteer had to give it up.

It was probably a few years after I joined BHRS when I got involved with temporary fostering. I don't foster on a regular basis. When there is an emergency to get a rabbit into BHRS for fostering and there is no room at any permanent fosterer's homes, I will take the rabbit in.
I have them in my care anywhere from a few days to a few months. When an opening comes up in permanent foster care, then the rabbit goes there.

While in my care, the rabbits are taken to the vet and I take care of any treatments that need to be done along with their daily care.

Daphne is still afraid but making inroads.

I don't actually do any of the adoptions. The permanent fosterers take care of that.
If someone happens to be interested in a rabbit that is temporarily in my care, they call the permanent fosterer that is associated with the rabbit and make arrangements through them to see the rabbit.

Most of the time I take the rabbit over to the permanent fosterer's home for anyone to see the rabbit.

Please tell me about your foster rabbit Richland. I believe he has had a rough time?

Richland was found in the middle of the road in a rural part of Ohio by a very nice couple.
They brought him home and found that his ear looked like it had a bad abrasion.
The couple did take Richland to their vet and their vet told them just to put some antibiotic ointment on his ear.

They never had rabbits before and realized that they were in over their heads so they contacted BHRS.

There were no spots available in permanent foster care but it was felt that Richland needed to come into BHRS quickly. So I volunteered to temporarily foster him. The couple brought him over to my home and I set up an area for him.

While I was looking at him, I realized that there was more to his wounds than just a surface abrasion on his ear. I could tell that he had an abscess on the base of his ear and into the back of his head. He also wouldn't keep his right eye open. I made an appointment for the vet the next day.

When I took Richland into the vet, the vet found that poor little Richland had escaped a dog or coyote attack.

The wound on his ear was the right size for a dog or coyote bite.

This had also happened a while ago and had become severely infected.

Not only was his whole ear infected from the tip to the base and into the back of his head but the infection had traveled to the front of his face and he had a huge abscess in the front of his face running from his forehead to his nose.

Richland also had a corneal ulcer in one of his eyes.

Richland had to have surgery to remove the abscesses. I had to flush the wounds on a daily basis and give him twice daily antibiotic shots.

Once a week he went to the vet and the vet had to put him under to continue to remove abscess material that kept appearing.

After a month of weekly vet visits and twice daily antibiotic shots and flushing the wounds at home, his abcesses finally cleared up.

While we were taking care of his abscesses, we were also putting 2 types of eye drops into his eye to help heal the ulcer.
After a month of this, his ulcer had stopped healing.
The vet discovered that a membrane had formed over the ulcer so he went in for another surgery to remove the membrane.

His eyelid was stitched shut so the eyelid wouldn't irritate the eye every time it opened and closed. I had to put drops on his eye for a few days.

His eyelid stitches will be removed shortly and we are hoping that the ulcer will be healed. One more vet visit and we hope this will all be over for Richland.

Most of Richland's fur has grown back. He will probably have some permanent fur loss on his ear.
But he is doing so much better.

He was a very angry rabbit because I was poking him twice a day with a needle and forcing liquid into the abscess areas along with putting 2 kinds of drops in his eye twice a day.

Now that we are done, he is a much happier rabbit and is even enjoying being pet.

Richland after his surgery. In the background you can see his soft toy.

Richland has been through a lot and would love a home with lots of love and attention.
Someone who will be a little patient with him if he isn't super friendly right away since most of his experience so far has been being stuck with needles, stuff put in his eye and liquid squirted in places he doesn't like.

He does enjoy being pet when you pet him and he realizes that is all you are going to do to him.
He does like cats and gets along well with cats.
He enjoys watching the activity in the home so it would be great if he could be in an area where he can see the daily activities.

You also have a foster doe, Daphne, who is very afraid of people. Could you tell me about her please?

Daphne is about 2 or 3 years old. Buckeye House Rabbit Society took her in from a local shelter that was going to euthanize her because she was aggressive when anyone stuck their hand into her cage.

She is very afraid of people and didn't like a hand coming at her.

I have Daphne in a 4x6 area using a metal puppy pen. She does much better when she feels that she can "escape" from you.

I make sure she has an escape route when I enter her area and she is much happier about that.

She does let me pet her once in a while but it is just a couple pets and she is done. Sometimes when I'm cleaning her area and she feels threatened, she will lunge at me but has never tried to bite.

Daphne needs someone with a lot of bunny experience who understands not to corner her and how to deal with the lunging.

I think if someone had a lot of time and patience, she could come around.
She will probably never be a super friendly bunny.

She does get along with my cats. Daphne loves to watch what is going on so she would do well in an area that gives her some privacy yet also gives her the ability to see the activities around her.

Daphne also loves to rip up paper and will shred any newspaper that I give her.
Daphne is very healthy and loves her pellets, hay and veggies. She is also VERY good with the litter box.

Richland in his 4 x 4 area with his blue house 'private sleeping area' and where his soft toy stays.

Can you tell me a bit about the puppy pens you use please?

The rabbits aren't on a metal floor. The metal puppy pens are only sides, they aren't actually cages. They are panels that fold and can be make into shapes. So the top and bottom is open.
Usually we put them in square/rectangular shapes for our rabbit's living area.

So the rabbit is actually on the floor as it is preferable to have the rabbits living on the floor.
What many people do is buy 2 metal puppy pens or make the pen area in a corner of a room, then take a 4x8 sheet of plywood and glue on linoleum then put a metal edge around the edges of the 4x8 to protect the ends of the linoleum.

Then the rabbit has a solid floor that is easy to clean.

Most people in the US keep the rabbits in an area as I have described while they aren't home and then have the rabbit roaming the house when they are home. Some have dedicated rooms for their rabbits.

The rabbit behind Daphne in the pictures above is my Sara. Both girls were actually in their litter pans/kitty litters and Daphne does make a mess with the litter so there is a metal cooling rack (usually used for baking) in her litter pan but that is the only place that she is on metal.
Her litter is directly below and she can't stick a foot through the metal since the litter comes all the way up. This way the litter doesn't fly all over the place.

the BHRS mug in the online Gift Shop

What are people's main reasons for wanting to get a rescue rabbit?

There are several reasons why people like to get a rabbit from a rescue.

They are already spayed or neutered.
They have had a vet checkup.
They have already been brought back to health if there were any health issues.
They are already assessed as to how friendly or not friendly they are.

The rescue group can help a potential adoptee pick out the right rabbit for them.

There is usually a good selection of types, colors and personalities of rabbits to choose from.

The adoptee gets a lot of information on how to care for the rabbits along with ongoing support if they have any questions.

and the other side of the mug - a very familiar sight - as any house rabbit owner knows!

How long have you been looking after the online Gift Shop?
I have been looking after the online Gift Shop for about 10 years now.
What are your most popular items?
The most popular items are the license frames, mugs - as pictured above, The House Rabbit Handbook and the Rabbit Health book.

Richland fully recovered with his stitched closed eyelid and healed ear.

Are there any points that you would like to emphasize?
Any donations that come into Buckeye House Rabbit Society go for the rabbits and their care.
We have several sanctuary rabbits that need extra vet and home care along with rescues like Richland who also need extra vet and home care.

Thank you very much Karen for taking the time to answer my questions.
It is great to know that you and the dedicated volunteers at the Buckeye House Rabbit Society care so much for rabbits, especially rabbits that have been abandoned and endured frightening and terrible situations.
My Arabella and Wesley have been thru the same sad experiences and Arabella also lunges at me - 4 years later. I have had 3 very small bites from Wesley when I first got him home as I moved my hands too quickly around him and had scared him. It takes a special person to be entrusted with the safety and happiness of a rescue rabbit who has been thru so much. Patience is a necessity and love blossoms endlessly from rabbits who gain your trust and love.
If you had not yet purchased tickets for the super raffle there is still time - a few days - and your kindness will be repaid by very thankful hearts in the visible, good work you are helping to continue.
Thank you

Friday, 27 November 2009

International Fur Free Friday

Me, Arabella and Wesley fully support International Fur Free Friday a campaign spear headed by the American organisation In Defense of Animals and the International Anti Fur Coalition.

We also fully support International Fur Free Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Monday, Sunday and Saturday 365 days a year and we urge everyone not to buy any product with fur and better still to veto the shops that sell fur. Politely tell the shop why you are not purchasing their goods and if they stopped stocking fur that you would then come back.

This includes small stores that insist on selling imported Chinese cat, dog and rabbit fur killed in the most despicible and inhumane way. Usually they will be in the shape of a small animal.
You can also not support recording artists who wear fur in their videos, movie premieres and adverts - I can think of rather a few! (Why is it that men just don't do that sort of thing??) and don't forget to forgo that copy of American Vogue - just not fashionable enough! fur is so last century!

Isreal is making steps in the right direction. Please help support the Nitzan Horowitz Bill thru their parliament which will make Isreal the first country in the world to have a total ban on fur.
Well done for being a forward thinking country.

I visit Linda's blog often and read her post about Fur Free Friday. I already know the horrors of fur farming and the unimaginable cruelty involved. I had no need to watch the video link - my stomach was already churning.

Please support Fur Free ~ every day ~ and keep the fur on it's rightful owner. The one with the beating, love-filled heart attached :)

Arabella and Wesley say a big Thank you and so do I. This is a cause close to our hearts.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Free Shipping and 10% off my etsy shop

I'm taking part in the Black Friday - Cyber Monday sales on etsy.

Arabella was going to help me prepare all my bits and pieces that go out with all my orders but after shredding a few sheets of paper, chewing on the ribbon ends and throwing my pens all over the floor she decided to take a back seat.

I asked Wesley if he'd like to give me a paw (hand) and he did what he always does when he sees me - he turns his back on me - for a back massage!

After 5 minutes of rubbing, caressing, massaging and loose tufts pulling he was rather exhausted and before I knew it he too was taking a back seat.

Goodness! I'm going to have to manage it all by myself!
I have 10% off my entire shop and free world wide shipping for all orders $10 and over.
Might be a good time to get that special handmade and unique gift for Christmas?

Just before Arabella dozes off she wants to remind everyone to have a look at the two super raffles being held just now - this one for the Buckeye House Rabbit Society to win a painting of handsome Charlie and this one on my blog for the Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare to win 5 great prizes including Baby Hare Hope!
Arabella thinks that raffle tickets for rabbit rescues are money well spent and she wishes all the rabbits still in rescues just now a warm bed, a full stomach and a happy heart.
(She knows that they will find their forever homes and tells the ones without names not to worry - she didn't have a name for well over a year and came to me nameless!).
Thank you

Monday, 23 November 2009

a 5th Prize for my Winter Raffle! & a PIF with Gratitude

My Winter Raffle for the Rabbit and Guiea Pig Welfare in Rugby, England is in full steam - and we now have a fifth prize!

Humphrey, on the left, and Bogart, waiting at RNGP for their forever home are going to check it out and make sure it gets the rescue rabbit stamp of approval first ....

... and it does indeed!
They spotted the very handsome rabbit logo and the gorgeous green and white pearls in these beautiful earrings and know that they will make a lovely prize. These earrings are valued at $15.
A big Thank You to Caroline from etsy shop Buns Love. Caroline is bun mama to 10 rescue rabbits! Wow - that's a lot of bun love! and she donates some of her time to caring for the rescue rabbits at her local SPCA in Canada.
Caroline's rabbits can be seen on Bun Space.

Beautiful girls Frappe, standing up for a better look and Meyla think that is super that she has given a forever home to so many rescue rabbits - and like me they are curious as to their names.
So here goes ....
Lily, Rose, Tuffy, Mayten, Asarum, Timothy, Comfrey, Chicory, Chamomile and Miss Rubus... whew!
Frappe and Meyla love those names - some even sound edible - yummy!

Little black fluff ball Popsicle and white nosed Barney are grateful that there are loving people out there who will give forever homes to rescue rabbits.
They urge you never to buy a rabbit or a guinea pig from a pet shop or breeder but instead to choose a deserving and very needy friend from a rescue centre. They are speaking from experience and are hoping to have their forever loved filled home very soon.

Raffle tickets can be purchased on the top right of my blog here and all the money raised will be going to help Popsicle, Barney, Humphrey, Bogart, Frappe, Meyla, Otto, Beanie and quite a few more very deserving bundles thru this winter.
Please buy a ticket and you can be in the running to win on of 5 great prizes! See this post for details of the prizes. Tickets are only $2 each and it only takes 1 ticket to win.

In this season of giving it is important to remember those less fortunate than you, whether they be furries, scaly or feathered.
I always support my local dog and cat rescue centre here in Edinburgh year round and a little bit more at Christmas when I donate food to them as well.
I always think of the animals who have had sad and scary stories to tell as they await their loving forever home in rescue centres through out the world. I pray that they will be loved and find that special person who will give them their heart, selflessly, always.

I am glad to give a little bit of happiness (to 3 humans perhaps - but I will gladly cater to cats, rabbits, budgies etc) by taking part in this PIF - pay it forward.
I decided to participate after reading the post on Pat's blog Images Thru an Open Window. The giver has 365 days to send a handmade gift to a maximum of 3 people who respond first in the comments below and who would like to do the same thing.
If anyone out there would be delighted to get a small surprise from me (or Pat - she still needs 2 more participants) and would like to pay this gesture of kindness forward then post about it on your blog and let me know.

Otto, the handsome silver fox on the left and inquistive Beanie are wondering whether the PIF includes 'forever homes' in it's 'handmade gift' description.
I said yes it does - keep hoping, don't give up - it took Welsey well over a year for me to find him!
It was at this very time exactly two years ago, November 2007, that I took Wesley from the very same run that Otto and Beanie are in and took him into my heart and home.
Thank you xxx

Friday, 20 November 2009

Interview - Meet Herta - the Buckeye House Rabbit Society founder

I support the Buckeye House Rabbit Society in Ohio, America and being inquisitive like a rabbit I wanted to know how it all began so I was very lucky to have Herta one of the founders take the time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for me.
Thank you Herta!

Brady testing the toys for playfulness. Look at those paws!

Herta could you let me know your occupation if working for Buckeye is not full time?

My name is Herta Rodina and I'm Associate Professor of French at Ohio University, where I teach advanced language classes and 19th and 20th-century French literature. That's my paying job. Buckeye is my sanity saver :-)

How did you first get started in Buckeye?

Waaay back in the mid 90's I was on a listserv called Petbunny. That's where I first met Kristi Cole and Libby Armstrong, both then living in Ohio.
One thing led to another and in the summer of 1996 a few of us from Petbunny met at a restaurant in Toronto (which by chance happens to be my home town) for an evening of getting acquainted. Then, in the late fall, Kristi hosted a get-together at her home in Canton, Ohio and we all met more local bunny folk.
Margo DeMello at the national HRS suggested we form a chapter and, in the summer of 1997, that's what Kristi, Libby and I did. We started with a handful of members, spread the word via our newly-founded newsletter, Harelines, and via our website,
The website was an anniversary gift from my husband, David Sharpe, who created it for the organization and who continues to maintain it today. It's been a lifesaver for us!

Honalee was born this spring and is sister to Napoleon. A very beautiful doe with amazing ears!

What is your role now (if it was different then)?
I still foster rabbits, of course, and in fact am now set up to take in more than I initially had room for. So, that part of the job is the same.
As Chapter Manager, I have a fair amount of paperwork and record keeping, but I'm fairly organized and detail oriented, so it's doable.

Napoleon, brother to Honalee. Do you have space in your heart and home for these two gorgeous siblings?

Why is it crucial that fundraising is done, particularly at Christmas and Easter times?
Traditionally, the holiday season is a time of gift giving and helping those who can't help themselves and that spirit continues.
The holidays offer people some time to reflect on what's important in their lives; for people who love animals and share their lives with them, giving to the homeless ones is especially gratifying, because those people understand the joy and love that a homeless bunny has the potential to give when he or she finds a forever home.
The weak economy has definitely affected donations, because a lot of folks are really hurting, but we're grateful for every dollar anyone can spare.

Kahlua has excellent litter box habits and is a gentle and very handsome chap.

Sadly, fall is our peak time for strays and shelter rescues. The Easter bunny has grown up, the kids have lost interest, winter's coming and he'll freeze in that backyard hutch.
So, a well-intentioned, but poorly informed Mom or Dad takes the creature that was once the center of attention to the shelter.
Less fortunate bunnies are abandoned in the woods, in parks, at highway rest stops, at every imaginable place.
Most don't survive, but some lives are saved by the good Samaritan who catches the stray and contacts us.

Dixie likes to play with her toys and run around. She has amazing long white eyelashes!

For Easter, it's a bit different. We focus heavily on educating the public about house rabbits and the degree of care and expense involved, because we want to prevent spontaneous Easter bunny purchases.
Too many people don't know what they're getting into when they fall in love with that cute little fluffball in the pet store.
And they don't know that so many bunnies are euthanized at shelters because of the pet rabbit over population problem, caused in large part by breeders and pet stores, whose prime motive is to sell a lot of supplies with a relatively inexpensive rabbit.
At the same time, we want to encourage the concept of rabbits as indoor companions for the right person and thereby increase our adoptions.
So, we do library talks and we submit opinion / editorial pieces to local newspapers and sometimes we get interviews on local TV or radio stations, all in an effort to get our message across -- adopt, don't buy; learn as much as you can about house rabbits before you consider one for your family.

Anise is a very soft and gentle rabbit with dark, dark brown fur , grey foot pads and beautiful slim, long ears.
Have there been hard times (money wise) at the rescue?
We've had times when foster rabbits have needed medical care that was very costly and that certainly affected our finances.
We spend 100% of all donations on the rabbits -- for spay/neuter, to treat illnesses, for medications, for long-term care for our sanctuary rabbits.
Although people are very generous, donations never come even close to meeting our needs, so we all pitch in a considerable amount of personal funds to make ends meet.
How easy is it to sponser a rabbit and can groups sponsor as well as indivduals?
It's very easy and yes, groups are very welcome. I'd encourage folks to visit our website to learn all about sponsoring a rabbit. We can also accept less than the $25 sponsorship amount per month and some people choose to send more. For other sponsorship options please contact the Buckeye HRS directly.
Thank you very much Herta for sharing your story with us about the Buckeye House Rabbit Society and the rabbits!

Just a reminder that there are only 9 days left to purchase a Raffle Ticket from Buckeye to win this delightful original painting of Charlie.
All money raised from their annual Holiday Raffle will be going to their rabbits and you may purchase directly from their page via PayPal, though if you live in America you may still send a cheque, postmarked no later than December 1st.
Charlie is Pey's rescue rabbit. Read all about Charlie in my earlier post. Pey has also donated 5 runner-up Rabbit Signs for the raffle too! Thank you Pey!

and here is Kahlua again showing off his very furry pads and relaxing, though he would love to find his forever home soon to relax even more there.
If you live in America/Canada and would like to meet any of the rabbits here please click on their names to read more about them and their contact details.

Thank you to Herta for caring about the rabbits and having this wonderful raffle - I have my tickets and I've got my fingers crossed!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

my first blog Winter Raffle for the Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare

This is my first raffle to raise funds for the rescue that Wesley came from - the Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare in Rugby, England.

I have 4 fantastic prizes to give away! Tickets are only £1 / $2 each and you can buy them here by PayPal. If you live in the UK you can send a cheque in pounds sterling - please leave a contact email in the comments below.

Prizes will be shipped by the artist, worldwide at their expense. The raffle closes Tuesday 15th December midnight GMT.

All funds raised will go straight to Tracy at rngp to help her rescue thru the lean winter period.
After being found covered in blood and urine on a disused railway line Wesley was then at the rescue for a long time. White, albino eyed, adult rabbits are not so 'cutesy' and find it hard to get homes. I'm so glad I found Wesey - it was love at first sight (still is!) and every day when I massage his back he makes small peeping noises of happiness for me!
Wesley knows this is my first raffle and he's apprehensive too. When that happens he likes to eat whilst keeping a watchful eye on things!
Yellow Rabbit on Blue I
The First Prize is an original collage donated by American artist Carly Swenson, currently residing in England.

A striking and sentient work of aesthetically appealing imagery is combined with various drawings. Torn papers add beautiful accents in the background unifying the piece while the yellow and blue make a vibrant contrast in the foreground among sketches and found imagery to create this unique piece.

This original is 12" x 24" (30.5cm x 61cm) and ready to hang. The sides are painted black to create unity within the work and two layers of UV protective coating have been applied to help protect the integrity of this piece. Although it is still recommended that work not be hung in direct sunlight.
This piece is valued at $125. Thank you very much Carly!!
Cary has an etsy shop Naked Carly Art where she sells her other elegant artworks and originals.

Snowshoe Hare Footprint Bowl

The Second Prize is an original handmade Snowshoe Hare Footprint Bowl by American artist Kirsten Holmes who lives in America.
This beautiful stoneware clay bowl has three footprints from a real snowshoe hare in it's natural habitat in the Adirondack Park in Northern New York State. Kirsten made a stamp that was moulded from the footprints and used that to create this unique design surrounding the bowl.

This 'peppered blue' bowl has been fired to cone 10 in a propane fuelled kiln and is dishwasher and microwaveable safe. The glazes are lead free. It is 3 7/8" high by 6 7/8 wide at the rim (7.5cm x 15cm) and would make a great small serving bowl. It can hold 48 ounces (6 cups). It comes with a tag picturing a snowshoe hare and a brief description of Kirsten's style of pottery.

This piece is valued at $40. Thank you very much Kirsten!!

Kirsten works as a zoo keeper and has a website showing more of her pottery work and the animals she works beside - Kirsten's Clay and also an etsy shop Kirsten's Clay with more of her beautiful and unique work for sale.

Esme the Brown Bunny Set - ACEO, Large and Small Greeting Cards and Print plus bonus Bookmark

The Third Prize is a set of Esme images from an original painting on clay by Canadian artist Pey Lu who lives in Canada.

The set comprises one ACEO (Art Cards Edition and Originals) standard ACEO size of 3.5" x 2.5" (9cm x 6cm), one Greeting Card Large - card size 5" x 6.75" (13cm x 17cm), one Greeting Card Small - card size 3.5" x 5" (9cm x 13xm), one Print with image size 5" x 7" (13cmx 18cm) on larger sized paper and one bonus bookmark of Esme.
This set has a special introductory price of $22. Thank you very much Pey!!

Pey is an accomplished, internationally collected artist and has a website Pey Lu and an etsy shop Pey Lu. Pey is currently donating the main prize for the Ohio based Buckeye House Rabbit Society Holiday Raffle and the five sub prizes. Please see this post to read more about Pey, that raffle and her rescue rabbit Charlie.

Baby Hare Hope
I am donating the Fourth Prize of a baby hare. Baby Hare Hope comes with a small booklet telling her story, a blank Baby Hare greetings card and matching Baby Hare gift tag and a small baby hare tie tag/page finder. This hare is valued at $25.

Please meet baby hare Hope. Hope is a very gentle little hare and very early on found her purpose in life. One day when exploring the field edges she heard little cries and on poking thru the grass discovered 3 tiny baby rabbits in unusual colours – oranges, blacks and whites - goodness! When she asked the babies why they had been left there and where was their mother she was confronted with a flood of tears and sad stories of being taken from their mum and dumped by humans. She managed to take them all safely home with the help of the mother hares. The kittens grew strong and fast filled with rich hare milk, warmth and love.
So Hope made it her mission to rescue the abandoned and neglected rabbits that the humans far too easily tire off. She has found rabbits of all ages out in the fields but most commonly those at 6 months when they are no longer so cutesy or small.

Hope has set up a special nursery for the smallest babies still needing milk. The hare mothers are on 24 hour call for feeding and warmth duties. She has also organised parties of foxes, owls and deer to keep an eye out for scared, hungry and dehydrated rabbits. When one is found she takes a strong father hare with her and they safely bring the charges in.

She now has a growing population of multi coloured rabbits who have mainly hare traits! Hope has brought heartbeats of happiness and a good future to so many badly treated rabbits.

She is now in talks with a few notable humans about stopping the sale of tiny baby rabbits in pet shops and putting breeders out of business for good.
Her plans are coming to fruition and she has a steady stream of donations of carrots, kale, herbs and fresh meadow hay – surprisingly some have been from a couple of caring humans involved in rabbit rescues. Those humans are also helping a few of the rabbits find loving human forever homes.Hope is relieved that she has been able to make a difference.
She will soon be opening her ‘Hope’s Making a Change One Rabbit at a Time Rabbit Rescue’ to the public on special days. The foxes, weasels, spiders, snakes and mosquitoes have been called in for Control and Patrol duty.


Hope has been machine and hand sewn with great care and has safety eyes. She will have many ‘unique’ (imperfect, handmade) bits. She prefers to continue her rescue and negotiation work and would appreciate an open window so that she may come and go as necessary as emergencies can happen at any time.

She is made of 100% recycled cotton and has a polyfill stuffing, along with a full stomach of dandelion leaves (only joking!). She stands approx 4.5” wide x 6.5” high (12cm x 17cm).

Hope is looking forward to her journey and her forever home! She also wants you to know that baby hares are called leverets and baby rabbits are kittens.

Thank you to everyone entering my raffle. Tickets can be purchased via the PayPal button on my side bar. UK Cheques can be sent to Tracy at rngp or to me. All entries will be written down on paper and put into my golden fish trinket box on the closing day. The winners will then be chosen and announced on my blog.
Thank you for helping the rescue rabbits and cavies, and an enormous I-couldn't-do-it-without-you! Thank You! to Carly, Kirsten and Pey.
... and ..... I also could not have done any of this without the super, friendly help from Bridget from etsy shop Heart of a Cowgirl who has a blog by the same name - Thank you so very much!!!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

5 Runners-Up Rabbit Signs for Buckeye Raffle

For all raffle ticket holders in the Buckeye House Rabbit Holiday Raffle there will be 5 runner up prizes too!

All donated by Pey from etsy shop Peylu / FolkArtVision. Pey is also donating the main prize of a watercolour of her rescue rabbit Charlie. To read about Charlie please visit this earlier post here.

The 5 prizes are all originals on wood laminate and have a hole ready to hang your minature painting or they can even be used as a guard sign. The winners can choose which sign they would like from Pey's shop!

Above is Bunny Normy, he is very security conscious and you will need a password to get by him (maybe even a carrot?)

This is an original portrait of George and he takes pleasure in watching the world go by from his little corner. (Also known as being a good neighbour in the neighbourhood watch group!)

Here is delightful Bunny Betty - (on guard) she is naturally suspicious. I see her eyes won't be missing a thing!

There are quite a few signs to choose from but making the final decision could be hard. I have my eye on three!

Not all of them are rabbits, there are also some very handsome dogs and a cat. They are all very watchful mind you!

apart from this little one - Baby Boo. She overcame her shyness via postive thinking. I'm wondering if she has passed Introductory Stage One for Lagomorph Awareness Training?

Don't miss out on your chance to win a super piece of original art by Pey and helping the rabbits too at this critical time of year when the now not-so-cute impulse Easter purchase has grown up.
This Christmas give the gift of hope to others.
Thank you

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bunny Benefit Day 8th November

Jen from etsy shop JMcGuinnes is having a Bunny Benefit Day on the 8th where 100% of all proceeds will be donated to 3 Bunnies Rabbit Rescue. The rescue that Jen's little Molly came from.
A month ago Molly was very ill but she is now alot better and eating again. Jen rescued Molly after she was abandoned at a pet shop and in danger of being given away for free to just anyone so she took the bundle of fur in. The 3 Bunnies Rabbit Rescue had sent out an alert.

Jen is a very talented photographer and sells prints and cards in her etsy shop.
I like this Welcome Home greeting card. It has a very beautiful heart shape and gorgeous soft colours.

If you are partial to owls then this Framed set of 3 Owl Prints is a very classy gift. The photographs of each owl can also be purchased separately in the shop. I love the silver frame and black mount - it's very tasteful indeed.
And ofcourse horses are always beautiful! This grey mare is very enchanting! Jen has a few different horse photographs available.

Molly is still a youngster and has to share the house with Jen's older rabbit Lola. Lola and Molly aren't friends (yet), like Arabella and Wesley, but there is always time. Bonding with rabbits can sometimes take a while. At other times there may be rabbits that will never be friends.
Rabbits are very opinionated and they don't always change their mind.
This image of Lola on a greeting card is in the shop too.

Here is Lola as a baby. Now that she has grown up she would be hard pressed to fit inside that palace! She is a very handsome silver rabbit!

All rabbit parents will immediately recognize what is going on here! Lola may have good taste but she is 'chinning' the Guinness bottle as her property. All rabbits have a scent gland under their chin and they will mark objects in their territory. On many an occasion I have had my thighs chinned as I've been kneeling down next to my rabbit!
You very quickly get to know who the boss really is! (not you!)

Jen took this photo of a baby opossum who was being rehabilitated with his siblings. The onset of winter is a hard time for many animals including the baby rabbits born earlier this year.
All rabbit rescues go thru a hard period just now as the 'grown-up\not so cutesy any more' Easter impulse buys are dumped and abandoned across the world.
It is also getting colder in the Northern Hemisphere with shorter nights and people do not want to bother going outside to look after rabbits that live in hutches. Every rescue I know only adopts it's rabbits to Indoor Living.
Rabbits are highly sociable and love company - all the time - and are perfectly at home inside.

Last year my Handmade with Love Christmas present was this serene photograph of a fawn. I have the fawn by my work table and look at it every day. It is very special! Infact I loved the image so much that I also bought it as a set of fawn greeting cards from Jen's shop as well. I still have a couple left, which I'll always keep!
It's never too early to think about purchasing a special gift and if you buy from Jen on the 8th then you will also be helping the rescue rabbits at 3 Bunnies at the same time. Jen has been supporting them for a couple of years now and all funds go towards paying for every day rabbit needs as well as specific medical attention for some rabbits.
I can attest to Jen's exceptional quality of her photography and I'm glad I invested in my fawn!
Thanks for supporting a rabbit rescue dear to you Jen!