Wednesday, 31 December 2008

A little Princess is Snoozing

Everyone needs their beauty sleep - especially little princesses!
Not everyone is awake thru the festivities on New Year - Arabella is all tucked up and catching 40 winks !

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Can You Guess What's Under the Tree?

Is that black straps I see??


what could be in there??

how intriguing!

WOW!! A beautiful Arabella bag - just waiting patiently to be carried on the arm of a very special young lady! Happy Christmas Rachael!
This is the Arabella 3 Generation Pearl Gold Damask Bag. She has pearls adorning her from me, my mother and my grandmother - carrying with her much history and significance and is a present for the 4th generation! - My delightful Scottish niece (who has had her eyes on these adorable bags for a looooong time!!)
Arabella always comes with an Arabella care tag, gift tag, Arabella Card, Arabella ribbon Tie and a hand written note and business card.
Seasons Greetings !

Friday, 19 December 2008

Lucky Me!

Thank You Karen, Kim and Jen! for holding Blog GiveAways - my Christmas has come early this year!
I received the most beautiful print in the mail the other day, courtesy of the amazingly talented Karen Davis There are little blackbirds and thrushes on the tops of the grasses! How delightful!
Many years ago I purchased 2 amazing surreal rabbit cards, as I loved everything about them! Here is one of them -isn't that rabbit just a sweetie with his bunch of flowers?!
and a short while ago on etsy I came across Karen of Moonlight and Hares and instantly loved her work!
just look at that delicate little rabbit face! how adorable! It was only after seeing this beautiful painting of a Raven and disappearing rabbit
and recognizing those long white back legs of the rabbit that I had a deep inkling that Karen had been the artist of my wonderful card all those years ago - which she happily confirmed!

Just look at that trusting little bird! Karen's work is just magical, delightful and beautiful! Thank You again!

and also a big thanks to Kim from Midnight Rabbits - I won her Caption Competition a couple of weeks ago and received a lovely catnip filled cat toy pillow!
Kim hand makes all the items in her shop, she has beautiful felt animal brooches and felt purses
like this whimsical Cat Coin Purse!
and Thank You to Jen! - I won her November Blog Giveaway and received 3 gorgeous festive cards - one has been sent off already.

Jen has beautiful photos in her etsy shop McGuiness Photography

and this beautiful fawn is framed and wrapped under my Christmas tree! (Can't wait!)

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

You Can't Fool Me!

Don't ever think that giving your house rabbit 'fake food' will please her -
Arabella immediately grabs the offending imposter and begins to destroy it.
Furious, she tears the carrot holder to shreds!

Arabella isn't fooled by these sisal carrots and with a disgruntled bark demands fresh ones straight away! meanwhile Wesley is relaxing in his white fleece lined 'Ice Palace'. Being all white Wesley just loves white fleeces and I have a silky white vintage cloth on the walls to keep the draughts out in his 'den'. Every now and then Wesley likes to nibble bits out of it. He's not into sisal carrots either.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

2 Little Girls are going to be VERY Happy this Xmas!

(Just as well my family never bother to read my 'blog'!)
A baby hare and an Arabella Bag have been made for 2 very special little girls, one smaller than the other. These carefully made new friends are now biding their time in Norway and according to Norwegian tradition shall be placed under the tree which goes up on Christmas eve. No doubt there will be a thick covering of snow on the ground and a pepperhus on the table!
This baby hare is called Alexander and he has a print of the beautiful White Tailed Deer. He is delighted to be going to live on a shelf of a lovely tiny little girl. Being a soft sculpture he is to be looked at only (could be rather hard as he is just so cutesy).
The Arabella Bag with a Barbie jumper and pink faux fur base has been made specially for another little girl who just adores Barbie and the colour pink. Inside is a delightful pocket with little pink embroidered snowflakes on it. Coming with the bespoke art-accessory bag is a delightful Arabella rabbit card in pink blossoms with a pink faux fur tail.
They are wrapped up beautifully - each with a special handmade card and are now waiting patiently for Christmas Day!

Saturday, 6 December 2008

SOLD! Arabella in Chanel and Selvedge

Arabella has gone to a new home. She has generated a lot of interest, infact the most interest of any of my art-accessory bags. I really like this style too and I have a few more planned in a similar vein.
The Dance with Bunnies Rabbit Rescue will benefit from the sale of this bag as I gladly pledged 10% to them.
My watercolour of a mountain hare in a storm. Looks cold eh!
This is another one of my watercolours of a mountain hare on a 'vidder'. Vidder is Norwegian for a mountain plateau. Here you can see the cold, hard rocks jutting above the layer of snow.
My watercolour paintings have been in an exhibition this weekend and I was there also at a craft fayre today in a tiny Scottish village on the Fife coast called Elie, and this is where Arabella in Chanel and Selvedge was sold. She will be delighting someone lucky on Christmas morning!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Watercolour of Bass Rock and Harbour, North Berwick, Scotland

You can see my latest painting framed below. Here it is 'resting' and this is the time that I spend looking at and contemplating it before it starts it's journey out in the world. It can only be released by me with a generous bout of satisfaction! Above it is a portrait of my beloved little Zai
I shall be updating my fine art website with photos and commentary of how I 'painted' this painting in the next few days.

If you are a beginner in watercolours you may find some useful tips and if you are not a novice then I hope you enjoy the journey as I am sure that you have had many bumpy watercolour journeys and will know exactly what it feels like to paint in this medium.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Arabellas at Ricefield Exhibition

here are my Arabellas! enjoying all the attention near the window - they have already attracted a few people in by being here. (They just adore attention!)
I went thru to Ricefield in West Graham Street on Sunday to have a look at the Ushigokoro exhibition I am taking part in.

It was a freezing cold day, I don't think it was much above zero.

and all the trees were completely white! It was truly stunning and very magical and the best drive thru from Edinburgh to Glasgow I have ever had!

At the Box of Delights Exhibition I had a lovely hot cup of green tea and a home made cup/fairy cake - thank you Lorna!

The boxes looked fantastic suspended from the walls and some stacked on the floor, each with lovely treasures inside.

It is on every day until December 22nd. Well worth stopping by - wonderful little boxes of delight!