Thursday, 11 September 2008

Baby Hares and a 20% off Sale in my etsy shop!

From the 15th September to the 30th I am having a 20% off sale on all items purchased during that time - but it must be accompanied by a Coupon Code. My code is YUEN.
As a member of team etsy for animals I am taking part in their birthday celebrations with a 20% off discount for 2 weeks only. Valid from 15th September to 30th September inclusive. A nice incentive to shop for xmas early.
To qualify for the discount please put this code in the ‘Notes to Seller’ as you go thru the checkout process and wait for me to send you a REVISED invoice.

You may use my code at any of the participating etsy for animals stores. The code is for tracking purposes and a prize is awarded for the code used the most. - A cash prize is awarded to the winners favourite charity!
You can read about the EFA Birthday Bash Extravaganza, other participating stores and how the coupon works here -

Here are some baby hares that I have made - and now for sale at my etsy shop.
Each hare has their own little story about something unique to them. Their story is printed on recycled paper and presented on the inside of a baby hare tag that comes with them - on their journey to their forever home.

So, if you have your eye on a baby hare, or two...
Uffy is named after one of my lovely cats when I lived in Darwin, Australia. Uffy is from the Maori language. Uffy is a hare who loves exploring and he is already very familiar with his field and the surrounding stream. He has made many friends this way and has secretly watched the mother fox with her young cubs across the stream. Even at his young age he knows he can outrun them all. He stretches his long hind legs daily in his preparations for exploring.

Phyrr comes from the latin classification for Bullfinch - Pyrrhula pyrrhula. Phyrr is very good friends with a young bullfinch born at the same time as him, in the nest above. Phyrr and bullfinch like to play all day long. Their most favourite game of all is hide and seek and every single time Phyrr is tricked by bullfinch. Bullfinch manages to flatten himself like a leaf onto Phyrr’s side and blend in with his fur (apart from his red breast) – it is very hard for Phyrr to see him and usually after 10 minutes bullfinch is exhausted holding his breath and stomach in and falls flat onto the ground!!

This is Sveta. Sveta is from the Russian word 'tsvetok' which means flower. As you can see Sveta has beautiful flowers all over. Sveta is a small quiet little hare who loves to crouch amongst the flowers. She doesn’t mind what type of flower it is, only that during the day it opens and she is concealed by them. In autumn and winter it will be a little harder to find suitable flowers so she is hoping to make it onto a safe shelf by then next to a flowering perennial, perhaps a ponsiettia. She has even been trying out the low branches of fir trees but finds them a bit spiky.

and this is Rosy. Rosy is a very beautiful little hare but she is awfully shy and has an inbuilt suspicion about everything and everyone. She is wary of new acquaintances and takes a long time to get to know someone well. Concurrently her most trusted of all friend is a caterpillar who has just turned into a pupa. So now Rosy has to wait until her friend metamorphosizes and emerges as a butterfly as beautiful as she. Rosy has been feeling rather lonely and talks to the pupa daily, carefully guarding over her little developing friend.

Please meet baby hare Fiedi. Fiedi is Cantonese for 'quick'. Fiedi loves to keep fit by sprinting and swimming. None of the hares are surprised to see him dash around the fields like a streak of lightening but to this day no-one can believe that he also loves to swim like a fish. He makes a daily foray to the quiet river and does 20 lengths – well, widths actually. The fish love to swim beside him as he paddles strongly back and fro. He has been mistaken for an otter by many of the fish until they see his tiny thin tail.