Sunday, 24 August 2008

Another lovely Arabella Bag in Big Red Flowers

Another bag, this one donates 10% to the BUAV, an organisation that champions the plight of millions of laboratory animals here in the UK.
They have a very strict protocol for shops to adhere to to sell their household products that are cruelty free. It is one of the best in the world. They use a rabbit and stars logo and Jude Law has given them his support! The CO OP and Marks and Spencers adhere to this criteria as do the Body Shop. However none of the stores except the CO OP give prominence to the against animal testing and rabbit logo which I think is a pity as it needs to be highlighted.

Did you know that companies that say their products are not tested on animals do not tell you that the ingredients used to make the products actually Have been animal tested! Chanel do this as do many of the big name companies. One more reason to shop on etsy and buy from small but ethical places.
The BUAV produce a small Cruelty Free guide - which can be ordered (free) here
or downloaded from their website about companies which adhere to their ethical policy.
If you feel strongly about the abuse of laboratory animals please consider donating to the BUAV and by purchasing cosmetics and household goods that adhere to the Rabbit Logo criteria - the list of participating companies is in the booklet mentioned above. Every single penny spent in the right, ethical company will make a difference.

Pics of my Arabella bags

I am donating 10% of the sale of this Japanese 'geisha in kimono' bag to The Buckeye House Rabbit Society. I have already donated to them from the sale of another bag and I am delighted to continue to do so.
Please visit their website and meet many of their little residents looking for a forever home.
I am donating 10% of the sale of this Persian inspired bag to The Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare
This is the rescue that my little Wesley came from.
It is in Rugby, England, UK and Tracy does a wonderful job there. They are always looking for donations and ofcourse, forever homes for their rabbits and guinea pigs.
Also if you are buying treats and hay for your companions and live in the UK then Sally at Pampered Piggies will donate 10% from Every order if you quote 'Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare' when placing your order with her online store. I have purchased all sorts from her and found everything to be just wonderful. (Well, actually, I never personally tried the hay or herb mixes - but Arabella and Wesley devoured them instantly!) At the moment her store is closed until November.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

New Art-Accessory Arabella Rabbit bags

I have made some new bags and shall be posting them in my shop over the new few days.
The first to go on is this delightful 'Applique Instructions' bag. Why not use every bit of material in an applique sheet? I bought this superb sheet of North American wild animals from a lady on etsy and I shall be making up some art-accessory bags with wonderful animals on them!
The only thing is - I am so attatched to every bag that I make that it is hard to put them up for sale, but I am motivated by the fact that I donate 10% from the sale of every bag towards a very deserving animal rescue or charity.

The rescue benefitting from this bag is Bobtails Rescue in Surrey, UK
The do great work with the lucky rabbits and guinea pigs who make it there. Everyone of their special little charges goes to a forever home.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

350 Contest - Vote for Me!

I have entered my recycled postcard into the website's 350 Creativity Contest.

This contest is to make people more aware of, and hopefully take positive action towards reducing the amounts of CO2 from a current 380 ppm (parts per million) in the atmosphere to below 350. It was at 280ppm for a long long time and then last century it began to rise.

My entry is of a horse grazing on blades of grass and is titled 'Every Blade of Grass Matters' and reads:

In the bigger picture things are getting worse - in the smaller picture every blade of grass matters - motto - every single being must take responsibility and initiate change. Reduce the ppm to 350 and less!

Vote Here - please choose my entry and hopefully vote for me!

To read more about the impact of CO2 and it's devestating effects on the panet please visit the 350 website here

Monday, 11 August 2008

Baby Hare Soft Sculptures coming soon!

I have been designing and making some soft sculptures to put into my shop.

Like my Arabella art-accessory bags it has taken quite a while. My designs always take a while to evolve and usually I have a few 'prototypes' on the go! However I am very excited with my new Baby Hares. I think they are all completely adorable and I will actually find it very hard to part with any of them! I already have a couple that have made themselves completely at home on my armchair.

It has been a small task thinking up names for them all! I will post photos of them soon.